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If you host horse shows or events, your club should have its own APHA banner to use and reuse. APHA has a small stock of banners that can be requested,aphayellowbanner but when multiple return shipping costs are factored in, it might be more cost effective for your club to have its own banner to promote the Association. Your local sign or banner vendor might offer a discount or even donate the sign in exchange for an ad in your program, newsletter or flyer.
APHA Graphics has created a downloadable PDF with instructions for having an APHA banner professionally printed. Print out the PDF and give it to any printer capable of large format printing. Based on the specifications in the PDF, the printer will be able to give you pricing and production costs. While the finished size of a standard APHA banner is 36” by 96”, the vector-based artwork can be sized bigger or smaller by the printer.
The actual artwork file for the banner (PDF) can be delivered to the printer by CD, thumb drive or e-mail.
The following options should be determined before getting a bid from your printer:

  • 1 sided or 2 sided printing (If your banner will only hang on a solid arena wall, 1-sided printing is recommended. If you plan to hang it from a ceiling, 2-sided would be your best bet.)
  • Four-color process sign on outdoor vinyl and ink
  • Corner grommets
  • Hemmed in rope for hanging
  • Wind slots
  • Quantity of signs

Additional items:

  • Turn-around time
  • How will the printer provide you proofs
  • Exchange contact info with printer
Instructions for Printer 
  APHA Banner Artwork


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