Bronze Restoration and Relocation

“Lasting Legacy” Capital Campaign – Legacy of Color Bronzes

Our bronzes are a life-and-a-quarter size redention of four Paint Horses that was installed in 2001 in honor of APHA’s 40th anniversary. Each statue was cast in bronze three-eighths of an inch thick and weights more than 1,500 pounds. The adult horses stand about 20 hands or seven feet tall at the withers—the tableau is approximately 36 feet long. Each statue originally underwent a special chemical and heating process to bring out vibrant coat color patterns on the horses. The result is a sculpture that has the strength of a bronze, but looks as natural as the living animals it represents.
Before the bronzes are relocated to the high-traffic area of the Fort Worth Stockyards, their finish must be restored and protected against future wear and tear. The plan is for the iconic Marrita Black sculptures to welcome visitors as they stroll or drive down the boulevard between the east and west Mule Barns, near APHA’s new headquarters. The horses will be facing Exchange Street to the north and visible from the Marine Creek riverwalk. There will be a donor wall for those who have supported the bronzes, as well as information on their sculptor, Marrita Black. Commemorative bricks will surround the bronzes.
Sometime in late 2018, the bronzes will be removed from their location and sent to a restoration facility to be restored under very controlled conditions. This process could take 30-90 days. When the Mule Alley construction is complete, they will be trucked to the Stockyards and installed in their new location. This could be done before the APHA office is complete.
The initial cost for the restoration and relocation has been underwritten by a generous grant from the Amon G. Carter Foundation. However, there are additional costs for the planned site development, including utilities and maintenance for the bronzes for ten years, estimated at $375,000. If you would like to support the relocation of the bronzes, you can send a check payable to the American Paint Horse Foundation, 2800 Meacham Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76137, or you can use a credit card and donate via our capital campaign online gift form.
If you have any questions, please contact APHF at [email protected].