Parts of the Horse

Muzzle: includes the nostrils, and the upper and the lower lip.
Nostril: external opening of the nose.
Bridge of Nose: bony portion of the face between the forehead and the muzzle.
Face: part of the head from the forehead to the muzzle.
Forehead: upper part of the face, extends down from the forelock to the top of each eye; the area between the horse's eyes.
Poll: part of the head, at the top of the neck and between the ears.
Crest: top part of the neck, from the ears to the withers; where the man grows.
Withers: a bony ridge that begins at the crest of the neck and runs into the back in a gradual manner.
Back: upper portion of the barrel, between the withers and the loins.
Loin: portion of the spinal column after the ribs, between the back and the croup.
Point of Hip: bone projecting on both sides of the hindquarters, located between the loin and the croup.
Croup: upper part of the hindquarters between the loin and the tail.
Pastern: located between the fetlock and the hoof.
Hock: joint between the gaskin and the hind cannon bone.
Gaskin: muscle above the hock.
Stifle: joint of the hind leg located at the lower part of the flank.
Flank: thin folds of skin on the sides of the horse between the abdomen and the stifle.
Abdomen (belly): area between the ribs and the stifle, contains the digestive system.
Girth: just behind the front leg where the girth of a saddle is situated.
Barrel: trunk of the horse.
Shoulder: area below the withers and above the front leg.
Neck: area between the head and the shoulder.
Chestnut: horny growth located above the knees and below the hocks on the inside of the legs.
Cannon: bone that lies between the knee and the fetlock on the front leg, and the hock and the fetlock on the hind leg.
Fetlock: joint where the cannon bone meets with the pastern.
Coronet: lower part of the pastern immediately above the hoof, generally described as a band.
Hoof: horny growth that protects the lower limb/foot.
Knee: joint located between the forearm and the cannon bone.
Forearm: area between the elbow and the knee.
Elbow: projected joint above the forearm and in front of the girth.
Chest: front portion of the body, between the shoulders.
Point of Shoulder: bone protruding from the shoulder, toward the chest.
Throat Latch: behind the jaw where the head attaches to the neck.
Jaw: large round area under the eye.