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We are dedicated to providing quality service and programs to our members and those who love the American Paint Horse. Use this list of extensions to dial directly or send an e-mail message to the person who can help you.
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But unsure who to contact? Send your questions to askapha@apha.com. We’ll make sure your message is delivered to the right person!

Brochure Requests
If you would like to receive brochures, just send your request, name, and address (or APHA ID number) to scox@apha.com.

Dial Direct or Use the Extension
Several departments now have direct lines, allowing you to dial the department directly. The direct dial number will connect you more quickly. The extensions are useful if you need to speak with representatives of several different departments.

MemberCare – Responsible for registration and transfers, including stallion breeding reports, registration applications and certificates, pedigrees, registration rules.

Customer Service (817) 222-6423
Rush Group (817) 222-6425
Online Registration Group (817) 222-6423
Registration Fax (817) 222-8458
Senior Director of MemberCare
jessica_hein2Jessica Hein(817) 222-6405


Performance Department – Responsible for show rules, approval and results; performance points; performance awards; Amateur/ Novice Amateur, Youth/ Novice Youth, Breeders’ Trust/ Breeders’ Futurity, Judges, and Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) programs.

Performance Direct Line(817) 222-8455
General Information(817) 222-8455 or ext. 773
Senior Director of Show & Contest
holly_slaughterHolly Slaughter(817) 222-6446
Assistant Director of Show & Contest
candy_jebavyCandy Jebavy (817) 222-6441
Director of Breeders’ Trust/ Breeders’ Futurity
candy_jebavyCandy Jebavy(817) 222-6441
Manager of Show & Contest
amanda_cormackAmanda Cormack (817) 222-6416
Director of Youth & Awards
christine_henryChristine Henry(817) 222-6436
Director of Racing, Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program (PBRIP) & Paint Alternative Competition
karen_utechtKaren Utecht(817) 222-6444
Director of Amateur Activities
savanna_robbinsSavannah Robbins(817) 222-6440
Regional Clubs Manager
theresa_brownTheresa Brown(817) 222-6403
APHA Director of Judges
dave_dellinDave Dellin(817) 718-4223
Show Records(817) 222-8455 or ext. 773
Performance Fax(817) 222-8489


Recreational Riding – Responsible for APHA trail rides.

Managing Director
cindyCindy Grier(817) 222-6413
General Information(817) 222-6439


Publications – Official publications of APHA.

Director of Publications — Paint Horse Journal & CHROME 
jessica_hein2Jessica Hein (817) 222-6405
Journal Circulation Toll-Free Number(877) 294-7866
Publication & Advertising Fax(817) 222-8466
U.S. / International Publication Advertising Sales
Advertising Toll-Free Number(877) 294-7866
Director of Advertising Sales and Trade Show Manager
jackie_mcginnisJackie McGinnis(817) 222-6432
Publications Customer Support Specialist
anthonyAnthony Bennett(817) 222-6430
Creative Director
artArt Vasquez(817) 222-6421
Production Services Manager
kevinKevin Davis(817) 834-2742 ext.270


Accounting Department – Responsible for financial management of the association: payables, receivables, employee benefits, publication advertising billing and subscriptions.

Senior Director of Accounting
jennyJenny Mathis (817) 222-6422
Accounts Receivable(817) 834-2742 ext. 772
Accounts Payable(817) 834-2742 ext. 352
Journal Billing(817) 222-8454
Accounting Fax (817) 222-8467


Field Services – Responsible for ranch and individual inspections, DNA genetic testing and drug testing.

General Information(817) 222-6423
Senior Director of MemberCare
jessica_hein2Jessica Hein(817) 222-6405
Blood Typing/DNA Genetic Tests(817) 222-6423
Embryo Transfer(817) 222-6423

Racing – Responsible for maintaining all race records.

Director of Racing
Karen Utecht(817) 222-6444


General Store –  APHA and Paint Horse merchandise

allysonAllyson Pennington817-222-6411
Orders Toll-Free
(877) 460-6275

Forms Requests

During Office Hoursext. 261
24-Hour Lineext. 271



Marketing and Membership

Senior Director of Marketing & Membership
cristin_connerCristin Conner(817) 222-6409


Business Development – Responsible for APHA Corporate Partnerships, World Show Sponsorships and publication/web advertising.

Senior Director of Business Development
kalyn_sandersKalyn Sanders(817) 222-6445
Alden Corrigan – Sponsorship inquiries(650) 207-8622


Administration – Responsible for management of the association and human resources. Coordinates the activities of the APHA Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Workshop, and Convention.

Executive Director
billy_smithBilly Smith     (817) 222-6401
Director of Administration/Legal/Executive Assistant
cindyCindy Grier(817) 222-6413
Director of LeaderCare/National Directors
theresa_brownTheresa Brown(817) 222-6403
APH Foundation
laura_jesbergLaura Jesberg(817) 222-6412
cindyCindy Grier(817) 222-6413
Managing Director of Facilities
allysonAllyson Pennington(817) 222-6410
Director of Human Resources
judyJudy Mitchell(817) 222-6443


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