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13 early implementation rules go into effect April 15

The following rule changes passed at the 2024 APHA & AjPHA Leadership Gathering with early implementation go into effect April 15, 2024.

The full text for each rule can be found in the Rule Change Resolutions link on the APHA website, This document includes the full list of rules passed at the 2024 Leadership Gathering. The updated 2024 APHA Rule Book reflecting the early implementation rules will be posted by April 15.

The early implementation rules for 2024 are summarized below:

  • CONTROL NUMBER: GR-070-1—Anyone found in violation of unsportsmanlike conduct and/or inhumane manner or treatment and placed on suspension will be denied access to or presence at any APHA approved show or event.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: RG-070—Removes verbiage requiring minimum areas of contrasting color on a predominantly white horse in order to qualify for APHA Regular Registry.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: RG-090—Allows the use of numbers when naming a horse.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-065—Requires assistance by a corresponding Amateur or Youth handler when an Amateur or Youth has multiple eligible horses competing in Grand and Reserve classes.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-175-1—Allows Open halter classes to be offered as Junior and Senior age divisions.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-175-2—Updates wording to coincide with industry standards, stating all halter classes of a sex division must be judged prior to the grand/reserve of that sex division.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-191—Provides shows the option to hold Yearling Longe Line as either a single group class, or split into Hunter Yearling Longe Line and Western Yearling Longe Line.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-201-1—Add “back” to the English Performance gaits.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-214-1—Reduces the minimum allowed height in all over-fences classes except for Hunter Hack.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-301-12—Creates a Ranch Cow Work (box, drive, rope or circle) class.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: JU-000-1—Introduces a standardized pattern start notification system.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-109—Allows Youth Walk-Trot exhibitors to share a horse when the exhibitors are showing in different age divisions.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-109-2—Removes the two-year limit on Youth Walk-Trot 11-18 division participation.


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