2024 Youth World Games
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Team USA crowned overall champions in the 2024 Youth World Games

Team USA rode to victory at the 2024 Youth World Games on June 26 at the APHA World Championship Show. In this every-other-year competition, Youth exhibitors from around the world team up in friendly competition for personal awards and team accomplishments.

“It’s amazing,” Team USA said collectively, after winning the Youth World Games.

“We got to experience a bunch of new cultures that we wouldn’t have seen, and they got to see this World Show, which is amazing,” Team USA’s Mia Pedrick elaborated.

This year, 36 exhibitors from 12 countries traveled to Fort Worth, Texas, to compete in this premier competition. Exhibitors hailed from Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Japan.

“I’m having an unreal time,” Team United Kingdom’s Jessica Dunlop said. “It’s been great fun supporting the team up in the stands and riding here.”

Exhibitors were paired with talented Paint Horses donated for use in this special event. Exhibitors randomly selected their mounts and practiced just once before their events.

“All of the horses were super nice,” said Saskia Moeskops, team coach from The Netherlands. “We could not have wished for any better horses for the five riders I brought.”

Team members showed in ranch riding, hunt-seat equitation, showmanship and Western horsemanship. Individual class results, and overall team placings were compiled. After four days of rigorous competition, Team USA clinched the top spot.

Congratulations to all of our Youth World Game participants!

Youth World Games Overall Team Results

Champion Team: Team USA

  • Mia Pendrick
  • Makenna Noon
  • Izzy Hostetler
  • Awbrey Alvarado
  • Peytyn Goodin


Reserve Champion Team: Team France

  • Clara Lasbleiz
  • Maeva Tridon
  • Shawna Tartarin Bony


3rd Place: Team Netherlands

4th Place: Team Canada

5th Place:  Team Ireland

6th Place: Team Germany

7th Place: Team United Kingdom

8th Place: Team Scandinavia

9th Place: Team China


Sportsmanship Award: Nissa Claesen of Belgium

 Most Valuable Paint: Just Enuff Shine


Article by Alison Chaney


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