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Priefert Manufacturing joins as an APHA Corporate Partner

Priefert Manufacturing, a world leader in ranch equipment, has joined APHA’s corporate partner lineup. As a part of the agreement, Priefert Manufacturing is the official ranch equipment provider of APHA.

A leader in the field of livestock- and equine-management equipment, Priefert has deep roots in the United States. Founded by Marvin Priefert in 1964, Priefert expanded to become one of the world’s largest farm-, ranch- and rodeo-equipment manufacturers.

“We are pleased to have Priefert Manufacturing as our newest corporate partner and thank them for their sponsorship,” APHA Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford said. “We are excited to provide our members the opportunity to be associated with such a leader in the industry. Priefert’s youth program, the Priefert Junior Elite Team, helps develop our nation’s youth into top individuals and performers, a mission that aligns with APHA’s goals, too. We are so excited to work with such a progressive and innovative organization.”

Priefert Manufacturing & APHA: A Partnership Aligned

Likewise, Priefert Manufacturing is excited about the APHA partnership.

“In our experience, the best partnerships are formed when both entities share the same goals, passions and values,” Priefert’s Director of Marketing Courtney Dyer said. “In APHA, Priefert found alignment in all three of those areas. Just as APHA works to promote, preserve and provide meaningful experiences with Paint Horses, Priefert shares the broader goal of promoting and preserving the Western and equestrian lifestyle. Our mutual passion for supporting and encouraging youth in these endeavors and our shared values of leadership, safety and family, make this an opportunity that Priefert is both honored by and excited about.”

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