Pink Buckle Chrome Buckle
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Pink Buckle Paints get an extra shot at cash for 2023 with Chrome Buckle Powered by PBRIP

Run your Paint at the 2023 Pink Buckle Barrel Race October 2-8, and get a shot at $3,500 Paint-exclusive sidepot!

More than $3.775 million is up for grabs at the Pink Buckle in Guthrie, Oklahoma, this year—your Paint barrel horses are eligible to ALSO run for the Chrome Buckle Powered by PBRIP sidepot in the Open 4D. A $100 Chrome Buckle entry fee makes your Paint eligible for this special payout—the PBRIP entry fee is for both runs of the Open 4D only, and the payout is based on the average of the Open 4D.


Chrome Buckle Powered by PBRIP — Pink Buckle 2023

October 2-8, 2023

Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, Oklahoma


Chrome Buckle Powered by PBRIP is a Paint Horse-exclusive incentive offered at the West Ruby Buckle event, the East Ruby Buckle event and the Pink Buckle in 2023.

More Info:

PBRIP is sponsored by State Line Tack.


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