Wendy Brown No World Show Regrets
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No World Show regrets for Wendy Brown

It’s been almost 35 years since Wendy Brown last competed at the APHA World Championship Show. But now she’s back in 2024, ready to take on Cowtown with a whole new outlook and no World Show regrets.

“This is my first World Show since 1989—I was a California Raisin in the Youth Team Tournament,” she said. “No day is promised, so I’m excited to be here.”

The horsewoman from Scottsdale, Arizona, wrestled with the decision of whether or not to make the trek to Fort Worth for the World Show—it’s easy to make excuses that keep you on the sidelines, she says. But Wendy has a more seasoned outlook this time around, and her tobiano unicorn Hesa Vision and trainer, Bobbie Emmons, helped convince the equestrienne to take the leap. Wendy and “Lucas,” a 2020 sorrel tobiano gelding by Certainly A Vision (QH) and out of Call Me Sister, competed in Amateur Walk-Trot classes.

“He’s the kindest, sweetest animal and so much fun,” Wendy said. “I’m absolutely in love with him. He’s a baby, just turned 4, and he’s a little unicorn. I thought it was a good time to go, so here we are. He’s not a hunt-seat horse, but we went down the pen in the hunter under saddle and he thought he was all that. Just to get my name called, I was so excited about it.”

No World Show Regrets

This time around, Wendy is taking time to savor the experience, though it was better when her parents were footing her show bills, she laughed.

“Being an adult, I’ve really been able to appreciate it and take it all in,” she said. “I think it’s better being an adult. But it’s harder, too. I have a 15-year-old daughter at home. I’m not here to prove anything to anybody. I’m really excited for all of my friends and seeing their journey and supporting them.”

On July 1, Wendy and “Lucas” won the Amateur Walk-Trot Western Horsemanship world championship; they also captured the show’s All-Around Amateur Walk-Trot title, too.

Wendy encourages others Paint Horse enthusiasts to experience the World Show, at least once.

“If we just sit there and say, ‘Next year, next year,’ we’ll miss it,” she counseled. “Just do it. It’s never going to be the right time, and you can always find excuses. It’s the experience, it’s a community. We have to build community and support one another. If you have a Paint Horse, come be a part of it and feel it.”


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