Lauren Kelly
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In Lauren’s Memory

Nine years ago, Debbie Kelly lost her daughter, Lauren, to cystic fibrosis. Lauren was a horse lover to her core, and before she died, she transferred her beloved Paint Horses into her mother’s ownership.

Since then, Debbie has stood true to preserving Lauren’s legacy in the Paint Horse community. That’s included breeding Lauren’s 2007 red roan overo mare, A Good Roan N The Hay.

“She had four colts and I named them all after Laur. LMK is in each of their names,” Debbie said.

This year, Debbie and her husband sent two horses to the APHA World Championship Show, competing under the guidance of trainer John Kayser. LMK Roan N Sugar, a 2022 red roan overo stallion by The Sugar Daddy, was a finalist in 2-Year-Old Longe Line. His full brother, the 2021 sorrel overo gelding LMK Good Sugar, competed in 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure.

“Paint Horses were the world to my daughter,” Debbie said. “Raising these beautiful Paints gives me a connection to my daughter and a reason to continue pursuing her dream. I love hearing my horses’ names announced because they are all named after Laur.”



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