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IEA Western Judging added to horseIQ online learning platform

A new course explaining the ins and outs of IEA Western competition judging is now available on, APHA’s interactive learning platform. IEA—Interscholastic Equestrian Association—provides horse show opportunities for student equestrians in grades 4-12. The course is a joint partnership between APHA and IEA.

The IEA Western Judging course explains in detail what to expect when competing in IEA Western horsemanship and reining events. It includes the draw-based competition format, judging considerations and more. Example classes are explained by expert carded judges.

“This course combines horseIQ’s goal of recognizing and rewarding excellence and IEA’s mission to bring educational opportunities to equestrian youth,” APHA CEO Dave Dellin said. “It’s a great opportunity for both judges and participants to understand how IEA competition differs from traditional horse shows and how a rider’s strategy comes into play based on the horse that’s drawn.”

IEA Western Zone Administrator Tammy Braham concurs.

“Education is necessary and valuable to the horse industry, and IEA is very proud to partner with APHA to produce this new component in the horseIQ program,” Braham said. “It has been rewarding to witness the development of this educational partnership with APHA, not only with horseIQ but also through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and events with APHA members. These kinds of educational opportunities given to our youth athletes are what fuels the industry and ultimately creates life-long equestrians. This is a goal shared by both IEA and APHA.”

Join or log in at and click on “Courses” to check out the IEA Western Judging course.

The platform provides a wealth of lessons, including judging criteria for specific classes, scribing, show management, horse care, breeding and more. New content is regularly added, so log in often.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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