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Chrome-O-Some Compendium genetic health course joins the horseIQ video lineup

Chrome-O-Some Compendium, a comprehensive video course explaining genetic health conditions affecting stock horses, has joined the horseIQ library. Subscribe at horseIQ.com to access this five-part video series and tons of other educational content.

Ever wanted to know more about the disorders included on APHA’s genetic health testing panel? Confused about how to read your horse’s DNA testing results? Think a Quarter Horse or solid Paint can’t carry OLWS? Want to know how genetic testing can help your horse live a healthier life? The Equine Genetic Health: Chrome-O-Some Compendium series is for you!

genetic healthDr. Rebecca Bellone, director of the University of California’s Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, shares her expert insight in this series. This five-part course brings genetics to life in bite-size videos. Topics include:

  • Genetics Overview
  • Terminology
  • The Genetic Health Panel conditions
  • Reading Test Results
  • Using Punnett Squares

APHA’s interactive video learning platform horseIQ provides tons of content to help expand your knowledge as a horse owner, exhibitor, show producer and more. Sign up for one of horseIQ’s packages to start learning today!

Questions? Email [email protected].

Special thanks to the APHA Breed Integrity Advisory Committee, who also helped develop content for Chrome-O-Some Compendium.

Want to order genetic testing on your horse? Trot over to apha.com/breed/geneticeq.


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