Youth World Games
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2024 APHA Youth World Games team rosters announced

The 2024 APHA Youth World Games is returning to Fort Worth, Texas, and 11 countries have thrown their hats into the ring. This biennial event unites young riders from across the globe to compete in friendly competition and build camaraderie around the Paint Horse. This year, the Youth World Games takes place in conjunction with the 2024 APHA World Championship Show, June 21–July 7. The event last took place at the 2022 European Paint Horse Championship in Kreuth, Germany.

Teams composed of three or four riders, plus an alternate if available, will have representatives compete in each of four classes—one rider from each team in showmanship, Western horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation and ranch riding—aboard randomly selected mounts. Teams with fewer than three members will compete as individuals in the class of their choice.

Meet the 2024 APHA Youth World Games Teams:

  • Team Belgium
    • Nissa Claesen
  • Team Canada
    • Chloe Price
    • Erika Garost
    • Allyssa Belanger
    • Tavianne Yoder
    • Caitlyn Spratt
  • Team China
    • Anna Chen Bai
    • Moira Jiacong Pei
    • Sissi Ruohan Wang
    • Anderson Linghan An
  • Team France
    • Clara Lasbleiz
    • Maeva Tridon
    • Shawna Tartarin Bony
  • Team Germany
    • Fabienne Schesser
    • Lea Joachim
    • Mia Lehmann
    • Samantha Gernhardt
    • Lea Klink
  • Team Ireland
    • Niamh Fitzpatrick
    • Lilly Anna Haskins
    • Chika Nunokawa
    • Charlotte Doyle
  • Team Japan
    • Miku Sato
  • Team Netherlands
    • Evy Gadet
    • Charlaine Jansen
    • Femke Kramer
    • Rochelle Ubachs
  • Team Scandinavia
    • Rebecca H Rasmussen
    • Ellen Berndtsson
    • Ranja H Rasmussen
  • Team United Kingdom
    • Emily Blair
    • Zac Hanna
    • Jessica Dunlop
    • Holly Barr
  • Team United States
    • Mia Pedrick
    • Makenna Noon
    • Izzy Hostetler
    • Awbrey Alvarado
    • Peytyn Goodin

The 2024 Games Needs You!

APHA’s Youth World Games wouldn’t be possible without the support of the entire Paint Horse community. Donate your horse for use in the event, and APHA will thank you by offering $100 off your World Show stall!


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