Youth Futurity Project
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2023 Youth Futurity Project teaches AjPHA Youth the value of patience

Youth members Riley Francis and Jolie Busby were recognized as the overall champions of the annual APHA Youth Futurity Project. Riley and her 2022 sorrel overo gelding Hez All Impulse were the yearling division champions, while Jolie and her 2021 bay overo mare Lady Virtue took home the win in the 2-year-old division.

Jolie Busby & Lady Virtue

The APHA Youth Futurity Project, which is open to all AjPHA members, recognizes Youth exhibitors who have trained either a yearling or 2-year-old futurity horse by themselves. While participants are encouraged to seek training guidance, they are responsible for the hands-on training of their horse.

“It definitely has been a little frustrating at times, but it’s just been really fun,” Riley said. “My other horse knows exactly what to do but [my yearling] has no idea what he’s doing—I definitely learned a lot of patience.”

Riley Francis & Hez All Impulse

Youth Futurity Project participants compete in up to three special classes at the APHA World Show, including showmanship, longe line or trail, depending on whether the horse is a yearling or 2-year-old. Throughout the exhibition, scoring emphasis is placed on training and horsemanship over movement. Each class accounts for 25 percent of the Youth exhibitor’s overall score, and the rest is determined by the completion of a logbook and interview.



Overall Yearling Division Champions

  • 1st Place: Riley Francis & Hez All Impulse
  • 2nd Place: Leah Blay & RHF Chomeduppromdre
  • 3rd Place: Abigail Sanders & Big Energy


Overall Two-Year-Old Division Champions

  • 1st Place: Jolie Busby & Lady Virtue
  • 2nd Place: Jillian Robbins & Lyte Up The Nite
  • 3rd Place: Avery Maxwell & VS Fancy Heartthrob


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