Member Benefits

When you join APHA, you not only become a member of the family of American Paint Horse owners, you join an organization dedicated to providing members with excellent programs and services.
Members are entitled to:

  • Free member decal
  • Personalized membership card
  • Subscription to our award-winning official publication, the Paint Horse Journal
  • Subscription to our award-winning Western lifestyle magazine, CHROME
  • Preferred member rates on a wide variety of APHA transactions that can quickly return the cost of a membership
  • Preferred pricing and special offers on John Deere tractors and other equipment; financial services; home, auto and pet insurance; hotels and car rentals; business services and office supplies and Sherwin Williams paint, all through the exciting APHA Xtras program
  • Savings through special offers and discount pricing from our corporate partners
  • Access to a wide range of online information, education and reports
  • Eligibility to participate in APHA-approved shows, Paint Alternative Competition and Breeders’ Trust programs — and the opportunity to earn awards recognizing your achievements
  • Eligibility to vote in Association elections, serve on a committee, or hold APHA office

Recognition programs

The APHA offers programs reflecting its members’ wide array of interests, including special award programs for those who set high goals for themselves and their horses.
If you enjoy the excitement of breed competition, the association offers Open, Amateur, Novice and Youth divisions. You can also participate in the American Paint Horse Breeders’ Trust, in which enrolled horses earn money for each point won in APHA-approved shows.
If you compete in recognized events outside of APHA-approved shows then the Paint Alternative Competition (PAC) Program will record your Paint’s performance achievements.

Educational materials

APHA educational and informational materials are available to all members. Most can be found online at apha.com/forms or complete the Promotional Materials Request Form to have them mailed to you.

To request a printed copy of the APHA Rule Book via email, please send your request complete with name and current APHA membership ID number to [email protected].

Preferred rates for APHA transactions and services

No matter when you purchase your membership, you can enjoy all of APHA’s member benefits and programs for a full 12 months (regular memberships end on the last day of the 12th month). Recognition programs, preferred Paint Horse Journal subscription rates, and preferred rates on APHA transactions and services are just a few of the benefits of membership.
Other benefits include the option to subscribe to APHA’s database of registration and performance information at aphaonline.com.
The Online Access fee is $25 per year for current members and provides access to the following information:

  • Performance Records
  • Pedigrees
  • Progeny Records
  • Honor Roll
  • Top 20 List
  • Zone Top 5
  • Show Results
  • Shows Not Posted

Industry involvement and member services
As an APHA member, you reserve the right to vote in all association elections, hold an APHA office and apply for APHA-approved judging status.
Additionally, the APHA offers a variety of services that meet member needs and ensure the integrity of the breed.

  • Color Inspections
  • Transported semen program
  • Drug and tail testing
  • Ranch inspections
  • Embryo transfer program
  • Parentage analysis

What are you waiting for?
As a member of the APHA, your dues support equine research and the promotion of Paint Horses, as well as the entire equine industry. In addition, your membership provides funds for developing new association programs, and supports technological advancements like the Web site.
So what are you waiting for? If Paint Horses are an important part of your life, APHA is for you.
The APHA sponsors a variety of programs and events

  • American Junior Paint Horse Association
  • AjPHA Youth World Championship Show
  • APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show & Select Sale
  • Annual Trail Rides

An association as special as its members
The American Paint Horse Association was founded in 1962 by like-minded horsemen and -women who loved the ability and speed of the western “stock” type horse, but also appreciated the extra eye-appeal of the American Paint.
Beginning with approximately 3,800 horses in the registry, the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) is the world’s second largest equine breed association. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. In fulfillment of its global mission to collect, record and preserve pedigrees of the breed, APHA recognizes and supports 111 regional and international clubs, produces championship shows, sponsors trail rides and creates and maintains programs that increase the value of American Paint Horses and enriches members’ experiences with their horses. APHA has registered more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded, and now serves more than 55,000 active youth and adult members around the world.
More importantly, the heart of the APHA lies in its members, which is why the association strives to develop and sponsor programs that reflect their interests and their love of the American Paint Horse. The APHA’s goal is to encourage American Paint Horse owners to find fulfillment with their horses in whatever activities they find most enjoyable, and to give members the opportunity to share in the pleasure of Paint Horses.

Your membership means a great future for the American Paint Horse. Join today!