Open Division

For exhibitors who are ready to challenge all comers, the APHA offers classes that are “open” to everyone—professional and non-professional alike. With more than 20 different events in this division, there is virtually something for everyone – from cutting and reining to jumping and pleasure driving.

Open Class Categories

Category 1

Category 2
Barrel Racing * Pole Bending * Cow Pony Race * Stake Race * Team Penning * Ranch Sorting

Category 3
Reining * Western Riding * Trail * Utility Driving* Ranch Riding*Ranch Reining* Ranch Trail

Category 4
Working Hunter * Hunter Hack * Jumping * Preliminary Working Hunter

Category 5
Cutting * Ranch Cutting*Tie-Down Roping * Heading * Heeling * Steer Stopping * Working Cow Horse* Ranch Cow Work

Category 6
Hunter Under Saddle * Pleasure Driving * Western Pleasure* Ranch Pleasure*Ranch Rail Pleasure

Category 7

Category 8
Yearling & 2 YO Longe Line (eligible for ROM only)*Yearling In-Hand Trail (eligible for ROM only)

Category 10
Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Category 11

Category 12
Competitive Trail Horse (eligible for ROM, Versatility, and Honor Roll only)

Category 13
Calas and Colas


APHA Perpetual Awards

APHA Register of Merit (ROM) Award – awarded to the horse who has won 10 or more points in one event.

APHA Superior Event Award – awarded to the horse who earns 50 or more points in one event.

APHA Champion Award – awarded to the horse that earns at least 40 points in a minimum of five shows, contests, or races and under five or more judges. Of those 40 points, 16 points must be earned in halter classes (with a minimum of 10 points won in “A” or “B” class shows), and 16 points must be earned in performance classes. To qualify, the horse must earn at least five points in two different categories of performance events.

APHA Performance Versatility Award – awarded to the horse earning five ROMs in at least four Categories and a Superior award in one of the five events in which an ROM was earned. (excluding Categories I, VIII, & XI).

APHA Superior All-Around Award – awarded to the horse earning a Superior Award in Halter and in one performance event, as well as ROMs in four of the five performance categories. (excluding Categories VIII and X through XII)

APHA Supreme Champion Award – awarded to the horse named Grand Champion in at least five APHA-approved A shows under five or more judges. This horse has won at least 80 points in recognized halter and performance classes in APHA-approved A class shows or in races recognized by the APHA. At least 30 of those points have been won in halter classes, and at least 50 in performance events. No more than 10 points may be counted in one performance event. The horse must have earned at least one ROM in Categories II-IV and IX, have earned at least four racing points and have run at least one race with an official speed index of no less than 80.

APHA Year-End Awards

Honor Roll – awarded to the 10 horses earning the most points in each event during the calendar year. In order to be eligible for the award, a minimum of eight points must be earned. Individual age divisions in halter and performance events will be recognized; however, awards will only be presented to the overall age division winner of each event (Excluding WS Points).

Zone Award – recognizes the top five horses in each of the regional zones, based on total points earned within the respective zone the horse is owned in during the calendar year (Excluding WS Points). Exhibitor does not have to live in the zone.

Top 20 – awarded to the top 20 open horses and top 10 open solid-paint bred horses who have the 20 highest pointed shows (each “show” is one judge) during the calendar year (maximum of 20 APHA-approved shows will count towards total points, a judge can only be counted from two shows, and WS points do not count towards this award). Minimum of 8 points needed to qualify.


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