West Coast Breeders Futurity E-Show

West Coast Breeders Futurity Longe Line E-Show

Welcome to the West Coast Breeders Futurity Longe Line E-Show, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association! Exhibitors will film their performance based on the outlined criteria, submit their video, and the judge will take it from there.

Entries will be open August 7, 2023 and close August 28, 2023 at 5 p.m. CST

Judge: TBD

WCBF E-Show Class Rules & Regulations

Eligible Horses

  • All APHA, AQHA and ApHC Yearling (2022 foal) horses sired by eligible West Coast Breeders Program Stallions are eligible to enter. Registration papers will be required with class entry.
  • Entries open to horses in the United States and Canada.

Class Eligibility

  • Open
    • A horse may only be entered once in this class.
    • Entries open to exhibitors in the United States and Canada.
    • No entry limit per exhibitor
    • If there are 5 or more Hunter entries, class will be split into Western Longe Line and Hunter Longe Line
  • Non-Pro
    • Any Non-Pro (Youth or Amateur) Exhibitor that has current status in any of the following associations: APHA, AQHA, ApHC or NSBA. Youth or Amateur Card will be required with class entry.
    • Any Non-Pro Exhibitor that is 18 years old or younger MAY NOT exhibit a Colt/Stallion.
    • Entries open to exhibitors in the United States and Canada.
    • Exhibitors may enter/exhibit up to three horses in this class.
    • A horse may only be entered once in this class
    • If there are 5 or more Hunter entries, class will be split into Western Longe Line and Hunter Longe Line
    • The non-pro exhibitor must be the listed owner on the horse’s registration papers, have a lease on file with your applicable association (must submit with entry form) or be the immediate family member of the owner listed on the horse’s registration papers (must declare how you are related on entry form).


  • Entries can be received between August 7, 2023 and August 28, 2023
  • Entry Fee of $100


  • Boots, Pants/Breeches and Hat (of any kind) are required. Exhibitors are not required to be in show attire.
  • Leather Halter and Longe Line (of any kind) is required. The Longe Line may not exceed 30’ with a snap attached to the halter.  A Longe Whip is optional.
  • Artificial Tail, Bands/Braids, Hoof Polish is optional.

Video Requirements

  • The video may be taken any time between May 15, 2023 and August 28, 2023.
  • The video must be visible, without glaring sunshine/light over the horse being exhibited.
  • The video cannot exceed 90 seconds in length, for the exhibitor to present their horse on the longe line.
    • Conformation Inspection portion of class will not be included, longing portion only.
  • The horse will be scored at the walk, jog or long trot and lope or canter in both directions, using the 2021 NSBA Yearling Longe Line Scoring System.

Questions regarding class rules or patterns may be directed to the WCBF Program via this email address: westcoastbreedersfuturity@gmail.com
Questions regarding payment or video upload issues may be directed to this email address: elawhorn@apha.com

WCBF E-Show Awards


  • The Top 3 exhibitors in each class will be awarded:
    • 1st Place: Custom West Coast Breeders Program Gold Trophy and Signature Champion Neck Ribbon
    • 2nd Place: Custom West Coast Breeders Program Silver Trophy and Signature Reserve Champion Neck Ribbon
    • 3rd Place: Custom West Coast Breeders Program Bronze Trophy and Signature Bronze Champion Neck Ribbon

Futurity Class Paybacks are determined by the overall number of paid entries. $500 added money per class if there are 5 or more entries. $35 from each entry fee will go to the purse.


# in Class # Paid 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
1-3 1 100%
4-7 2 60% 40%
8-11 3 47% 33% 20%
12-15 4 40% 30% 20% 10%
16-20 5 30% 25% 20% 15% 10%
21-25 6 30% 24% 18% 12% 9% 7%
26-30 7 28% 23% 16% 12% 9% 7% 5%
31-36 8 25% 20% 15% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4%
37-42 9 23% 18% 15% 11% 9% 8% 7% 5% 4%
43-49 10 20% 16% 14% 11% 9% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4%
50 & Over 12 20% 16% 13% 11% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% 4% 3% 3%

Awards and Payback Checks will be mailed to the exhibitor within three weeks of the completion of the event.

WCBF E-Show Results

2022 Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Non-Pro Hunter112585$415.95Kevin GrinerSleepn AroundGeorgiahttps://youtu.be/gZknHhfk7Ag
Non-Pro Hunter212484.5$292.05Kevin GrinerMy Best WishGeorgiahttps://youtu.be/ccstWlt1I8c
Non-Pro Hunter310284$177.00Angelica ZizzaCertified V Eye PMassachusettshttps://youtu.be/E9COg0o1KQE
Non-Pro Hunter412683$0.00Laura RogersJust Real FancyArizonahttps://youtu.be/eSRqVHeI6Po
Non-Pro Hunter512080.5$0.00Kara FlentjeEasy PeazyWisconsinhttps://youtu.be/wKVXLP5ghiQ
Non-Pro Hunter613680$0.00Summer KnausAll Reddy FabulousOklahomahttps://youtu.be/HNWeEyin4Go
Non-Pro Hunter710879$0.00Christi ChristensenBig Bad N BougieTexashttps://youtu.be/V1ow5wsSjCY
Non-Pro Hunter810178.5$0.00Angela GewondjanOnly For Your EyezUtahhttps://youtu.be/RPkF0DHE22g
Non-Pro Hunter911676$0.00Izzy HostetlerGood VisionIllinoishttps://youtu.be/pxhyJBZTQWk
Non-Pro Hunter1011875$0.00James LamoreauDot Your EyezMassachusettshttps://youtu.be/xfqjnsW9K9I
Non-Pro Hunter1112174.5$0.00Karestin MaselloEasy Asset GetsRhode Islandhttps://youtu.be/lGOb4tgzDzw
Non-Pro Western111986$318.00Julie DavisWilly Makin ItOregonhttps://youtu.be/Ms8T2bNSyz8
Non-Pro Western211584$265.00Heather CaplingerMakin ShineOhiohttps://youtube.com/watch?v=9w9lEQhrOqU&feature=share
Non-Pro Western312983$212.00Megan CaliendoMC no apologiesTexashttps://youtu.be/2woTn-WCKH0
Non-Pro Western413781$159.00Tiffany RiehmHotnspicy RideIowahttps://youtu.be/UBPtQOYUqS4
Non-Pro Western511180.5$106.00Dallas McGeeShes Smore Like ItIdahohttps://youtu.be/shRlgfAqss4
Non-Pro Western610780.5$0.00Chelsea BagbyAintikindamighttyIdahohttps://youtu.be/5gdF2R83gEI
Non-Pro Western713578.5$0.00Stefanie FloydCowboys BBQ BestMissourihttps://youtu.be/y4gRrR19jq0
Non-Pro Western811277.5$0.00Danielle YorekI Have RequirementsMinnesotahttps://youtu.be/GJSpigGX670
Non-Pro Western912376.5$0.00Kelli Anne Bailey-RobisonVS LopinroanlyOregonhttps://youtu.be/7_8Y-utjAWE
Non-Pro Western1013476$0.00Sheri BlazichBR Hotline HoneyCaliforniahttps://youtu.be/EM9sRZq0yvI
Non-Pro Western1110975.5$0.00Crystal McBrideCNC Pit CrewCaliforniahttps://www.dropbox.com/s/91aglw45rhqwat9/Video%20Aug%2021%2C%202%2008%2052%20PM.mov?dl=0
Non-Pro Western1212275$0.00Kate FlemingA Blue SensationTexashttps://youtu.be/xo9UyqrdPWs
Non-Pro Western1310074.5$0.00Alisha VandermaleThe Two Way CodeOntariohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gDzNxB1zyU
Non-Pro Western1412773.5$0.00Madison PetersYou Had Me At CowgirlArizonahttps://youtu.be/o_a6XKMQS0E
Non-Pro Western1511772$0.00Jaime FouttyRock ZannaNorth Carolinahttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1A5zI4dicReejR8yWfv_ejPtcHzJBvJwo/view?usp=sharing
Non-Pro Western1613167$0.00Sarah GibsonCowboys N WranglersIndiannahttps://youtu.be/kSj0HpT1joc
Open Hunter110585$383.05Anthony LeierEasy PeazyWisconsinhttps://youtu.be/YWlg6El2bYs
Open Hunter212484.5$268.95Kevin GrinerMy Best WishGeorgiahttps://youtu.be/ccstWlt1I8c
Open Hunter310483.5$163.00Anthony LeierSleepn AroundMichiganhttps://vimeo.com/743212851
Open Hunter412683$0.00Laura RogersJust Real FancyArizonahttps://youtu.be/eSRqVHeI6Po
Open Hunter513381.5$0.00Savanah HunzikerTWF Sugar CoatedArizonahttps://youtu.be/gwECEpsHBEk
Open Hunter610680.5$0.00Brian HenryAll reddy fabulousColoradohttps://youtu.be/x-1uPZsk3-A
Open Hunter710178.5$0.00Angela GewondjanOnly For Your EyezUtahhttps://youtu.be/RPkF0DHE22g
Open Hunter812878$0.00Matthew CulleyBig Bad N BougieTexashttps://youtu.be/-zk9ZOUqGeE
Open Hunter913273.5$0.00Savanah HunzikerJust Sayin WowArizonahttps://youtu.be/UpVwcnQ-UoY
Open Western111584$410.00Heather CaplingerMakin ShineOhiohttps://youtube.com/watch?v=9w9lEQhrOqU&feature=share
Open Western210382.5$307.50Anthony LeierWilly Makin ItOregonhttps://youtu.be/4iC8tqvnPYY
Open Western313781$205.00Tiffany RiehmHotnspicy RideIowahttps://youtu.be/UBPtQOYUqS4
Open Western411180.5$102.50Dallas McGeeShes Smore Like ItIdahohttps://youtu.be/shRlgfAqss4
Open Western510780.5$0.00Chelsea BagbyAintikindamighttyIdahohttps://youtu.be/5gdF2R83gEI
Open Western613078.5$0.00peyton weldonJoleneTexashttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4KcAwga0HIg&t=6s
Open Western713578.5$0.00Stefanie FloydCowboys BBQ BestMissourihttps://youtu.be/y4gRrR19jq0
Open Western812376.5$0.00Kelli Anne Bailey-RobisonVS LopinroanlyOregonhttps://youtu.be/7_8Y-utjAWE
Open Western913476$0.00Sheri BlazichBR Hotline HoneyCaliforniahttps://youtu.be/EM9sRZq0yvI
Open Western1010975.5$0.00Crystal McBrideCNC Pit CrewCaliforniahttps://www.dropbox.com/s/91aglw45rhqwat9/Video%20Aug%2021%2C%202%2008%2052%20PM.mov?dl=0
Open Western1110074.5$0.00Alisha VandermaleThe Two Way CodeOntariohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gDzNxB1zyU
Open Western1211072.5$0.00Crystal McBrideHot As HailFloridahttps://www.dropbox.com/s/ptja301urujj303/Video%20Aug%2028%2C%205%2043%2046%20PM.mov?dl=0
Open Western1311772$0.00Jaime FouttyRock ZannaNorth Carolinahttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1A5zI4dicReejR8yWfv_ejPtcHzJBvJwo/view?usp=sharing
Open Western1411470.5$0.00Erica OwenRuby Slipper RequiredArizonahttps://youtu.be/MIjUumkAsUU
Open Western1511370$0.00Erica OwenA Sultry Good StoryArizonahttps://youtu.be/zrzgmDMIvAk


Non-Pro Hunter Longe Line

Non-Pro Western Longe Line

Open Hunter Longe Line

Open Western Longe Line

2021 Results

2021 Results

Use the sort, search, and page functions to view the E-Show results.

Entry #
Video Link
1 101 83 Jay Williams Can I Have A Martini Texas https://youtu.be/QfylzOXZWf0
2 102 81.5 Nicole Dalton TWF Only To Be Roanly Arizona https://youtu.be/7sW7yvyCyF4
3 103 79.5 Cori Kennedy Struttinlikeacowgirl Arizona https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IBznzCSueCY&feature=youtu.be
4 100 72 Cameron Hiner Instant Gratification Arizona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzZFBzRS5BI

Class Scoresheet