IEA Western E-Show

IEA Western E-Show

Welcome to the IEA Western E-Show, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association! Exhibitors will film their performance based on the outlined criteria, submit their video, and the judges will take it from there.

Entries will be open November 15 and close December 20 at 5 p.m. CST

IEA Western E-Show Judge: Charlene Carter (Carded with APHA, AQHA, ApHC, NRHA, NSBA, PtHA, and PHBA)

IEA Western E-Show Class Rules & Regulations

General Rules

IEA Western E-Show Prize List

Unless specified otherwise, IEA Program Rules and Regulations will be applied when judging the classes. Legal tack and attire must be followed.

Only IEA members are eligible to participate in this E-Show. IEA members are only eligible to participate in the classes noted on their coach’s roster. Confirmation is contingent on verification of class eligibility to be checked by IEA staff. Exhibitors who enter the incorrect class will be contacted via the information provided in the entry form.

General Pattern Set Up and Filming Guidelines

  1. Follow the class’ posted pattern/format and class filming guidelines; failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.  All videos must be recorded horizontally. Please review this link on the APHA E-Show website for best filming practices.
  2. For any class requiring a “marker” for part of the pattern, the following are acceptable markers (just make sure they are easily visible on camera)
    • Cones
    • Buckets
    • Plants/Flower Pots
  3. Videos must show a continuous shot, and clips may not be edited together.
  4. Each video should only include one “entry” for a single class.

Questions regarding class rules or patterns may be directed to the IEA Program via this email address:
Questions regarding payment or video upload issues may be directed to this email address:

IEA Western E-Show Results

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Entry #
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship104171Kaleb BranhamPopcornKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship147270.5Willow WetzelPopcornKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship123370Audrey JohnsonSmokeKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship145469Graelynn VaughanEddieKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship129568Levi McCourtAriesDouble B's Equestrian Team
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship134667.5Adriana RentonTessDenton/Selwyn
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship110767Casey FeltsAmberStafford County / Stafford Middle School
Future Beginner W/J Horsemanship128866Allie MadisonMissyKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship127172Alyssa KingRodneyKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship126269.5Danielle KelleyJanisKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship116369Quinn HaganJaxCaurus Academy
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship143468.5Hayle TurnerCalvinStafford County / Edward E Drew Middle
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship117568Reagan HaplinKiss Me Im SimonSpotsylvania County / Spotsylvania Middle
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship101667.5Taylor BlySmokeKM Equestrian Black
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship131762.5Amelia MillerKiss Me Im SimonKing George / Virginia Virtual Academy
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship103859Zoe BowmanKiss Me Im SimonKing George / King George Middle
Future Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship125956Mya KeenanBubbaDouble B's Equestrian Team
Future Intermediate Horsemanship100175McKenna BeinBelleSonoran Trails Middle School
Future Intermediate Horsemanship144272Maggie VanHartesveltJanisKM Equestrian Black
Future Intermediate Horsemanship139367Haley SchwiebertSmartieKM Equestrian Black
Future Intermediate Horsemanship114466Aspen GrubeJubileeLancaster county .... zone 11
Future Novice Horsemanship137171Ryley RitzEddieKM Equestrian Black
Future Novice Horsemanship138260Maddie SattlerSmokeKM Equestrian Black
JV Beginner W/J Horsemanship118168Erin HedglinMissyKM Equestrian Black
JV Beginner W/J Horsemanship148267Makala WickMissyKM Equestrian Black
JV Beginner W/J Horsemanship113366.5Savannah GoodloeAmberAugusta County / Fort Defiance High
JV Beginner W/J Horsemanship135466Emma RewSamDenton/Argyle Middle
JV Beginner W/J Horsemanship136560Madison RewLuckyDenton county/ Argyle West
JV Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship119176Chloe HeidlebaughSmokeKM Equestrian Black
JV Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship124275Grace JonesJanisKM Equestrian Purple
JV Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship102372Isabelle BlytheTessWise County
JV Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship120471Lexis HeidlebaughMissyKM Equestrian Purple
JV Beginner W/J/L Horsemanship111568Ella FowlerZippyGrayson
JV Novice Horsemanship115177Annabelle HaganJosieCaurus Academy
JV Novice Horsemanship132276Maddie MillerRodneyKM Equestrian Purple
JV Novice Horsemanship141374Erica SeversonJust a Little WimpyMaricopa
JV Novice Horsemanship150468.5Shalynn ZehenderSmokeKM Equestrian Black
JV Novice Horsemanship146568Olivia WesthovenPopcornKM Equestrian Black
JV Novice Horsemanship142667.5Ashley StrayerRodneyKM Equestrian Purple
JV Novice Horsemanship133765Audrey MosbySmoothieCentral Carolina Equestrian Team
Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship108176Shelby DaleRodneyKM Equestrian Black
Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship112274Katie GerkenSmokeKM Equestrian Purple
Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship109372Natalie DresdowMangoE-Power
Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship122471Katie JedeleEddieKM Equestrian Black
Varsity Intermediate Reining109167.5Natalie DresdowMangoE-Power
Varsity Open Horsemanship130179Hayley MertzPopcornKM Equestrian Black
Varsity Open Horsemanship149272Abbey ZawiszaEddieKM Equestrian Black
Varsity Open Reining105168Morgan ChaffinStarlight chicabella(Bella)Kent county, cedar springs

Reining Scoresheets