AZ State 4-H E-Show

Arizona State 4-H E-Show

Welcome to the AZ State 4-H E-Show, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association! Exhibitors will film their performance based on the outlined criteria, submit their video, and the carded judges (e.g. APHA, AQHA, etc.) will take it from there.

Entries will be open November 12 and close November 30 at 5 p.m. CDT (4 p.m. MST)

AZ State 4-H E-Show Judge: Sandy Jirkovsky (Carded with APHA, AQHA, ApHC, NRHCA, NRHA, and NSBA)

AZ State 4-H E-Show Class List & Patterns

Patterns will be linked to each class name before entries open on November 12

AZ State 4-H E-Show Class Rules & Regulations

General Rules

Unless specified otherwise, AZ 4-H Horse Program Rules and Regulations will be applied when judging the classes.

General Pattern Set Up and Filming Guidelines

  1. Follow the class’ posted pattern/format and class filming guidelines; failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.  All videos must be recorded horizontally. Please review this link on the APHA E-Show website for best filming practices.
  2. For any class requiring a “marker” for part of the pattern, the following are acceptable markers (just make sure they are easily visible on camera)
    • Cones
    • Buckets
    • Plants/Flower Pots
  3. Videos must show a continuous shot, and clips may not be edited together.
  4. Each video should only include one “entry” for a single class.
  5. Videos must begin with the camera operator, announcing the name of the class, the exhibitor’s name, the horse’s name, and the date.
  6. Pattern Measurement Validation:
    1. After the exhibitor’s name, horse’s name, and date are announced, one of the following must be done to ensure the pattern has been set to the proper distances (this does not apply to rail classes)
    2. If your pattern was set up by a pre-validated pattern host:
      1. If a pattern is being set for multiple competitors at a shared site, the pattern host will email a video of the pattern measurements to Betsy Greene on the day of filming, prior to any exhibitors recording their runs on the pattern.
      2. Camera operator must announce the pattern location and name of pattern host on camera after exhibitor introduction and before the run. (e.g. Junior Trail, Jane Doe riding Goldie, on November 14th, 2020 at Arizona Farm with Bettie Sue.)
      3. The camera operator will then film the rider’s go from beginning to end as the pattern is written. Filming ends.
    3. If your pattern was set by you and not pre-validated: Exhibitors must show all measurements of pattern
      1. The camera operator will show all of the measurements listed on the pattern for the class.
      2. You must do this for each go (can’t do it once and then clip together for the next rider). We understand that this is tedious, but this is the only way to ensure that everything is run as fairly as possible. If you have multiple riders at one facility and would like to have your pattern validated, refer to the pre-validation option above.
      3. The camera operator will then film the rider’s go from beginning to end as the pattern is written. Filming ends.
  7. Videos must be uploaded to youtube, vimeo, dropbox, google drive, or any video hosting site that allows for a PUBLICLY viewable link to be created. This is how the video will be submitted in your entry form.
  8. Each run has the option to add private, constructive, detailed feedback from the judge for an additional $15 — no matter how you place — a great learning tool! This option must be selected at the time of entry.

Questions regarding class rules or patterns may be directed to the AZ 4-H Horse Program via this email address:
Questions regarding payment or video upload issues may be directed to this email address:

AZ State 4-H E-Show Results

Use the sort, search, and page functions to view the E-Show results under each tab.

Age Category
Class Name
Entry #
JuniorBarrel Racing110019.344Rebecca DillardMama's A PaintPinal
SeniorBarrel Racing110814.401Faith WilliamsonEarly Blossom BerryAZ
JuniorEnglish Pleasure1105Lilah VillaAbsolute Power- MiloPinal
JuniorEnglish Showmanship110562Lilah VillaAbsolute Power- MiloPinal
JuniorEnglish Showmanship210258Elizabeth Ann SpurlockShilohNavajo
JuniorPole Bending1100151.83Rebecca DillardMama's A PaintPinal
SeniorPole Bending110827.2Faith WilliamsonEarly Blossom BerryAZ
SeniorReining110769Faith WilliamsonSpook Goes HollywoodAZ
SeniorWestern Bareback Equitation110776Faith WilliamsonTipToe N ZippoAZ
SeniorWestern Equitation110777Faith WilliamsonTipToe N ZippoAZ
JuniorWestern Pleasure1102Elizabeth Ann SpurlockShilohNavajo
JuniorWestern Pleasure2100Rebecca DillardMama's A PaintPinal
SeniorWestern Pleasure1107Faith WilliamsonTipToe N ZippoAZ
SeniorWestern Pleasure2104Rebecca SpurlockShilohNavajo
SeniorWestern Riding110770Faith WilliamsonTipToe N ZippoAZ
JuniorWestern Showmanship110648Dixon VillaEmmaPinal
JuniorWestern Showmanship210246Elizabeth Ann SpurlockShilohNavajo
JuniorWestern Showmanship310038Rebecca DillardMama's A PaintPinal
JuniorWestern Showmanship410129Paden DillardGifted to the MoonPinal
SeniorWestern Showmanship110762.5Faith WilliamsonTipToe N ZippoAZ
SeniorWestern Showmanship210358.5Rebecca SpurlockJ(Heart) Blu MetalicNavajo


JR & SR age divisions are listed on the same scoresheets, but were placed according to division as seen in the table above.

Jr English Showmanship

JR & SR Reining

SR Western Bareback Equitation

SR Western Equitation

SR Western Riding

JR & SR Western Showmanship