• Horse must be enrolled in the PAC program.  Annual enrollment fee is $30 per horse or for two or more horses $27.50 per horse.
  • Participants must be a current APHA or AjPHA member.
  • Ride or drive an American Paint Horse—Regular or Breeding Stock Registry.
  • Participants do not have to own the horse, however, the rider must be a current member.
  • Time may be recorded for any activity in which you participate by riding or driving. You can also log time spent in the saddle or cart while riding in a group or parade. The same hours cannot be accrued for recreational riding and any other PAC category at any one time. Example: If credits are earned for competing and placing at a horse show in Trail, the same hours spent riding in that competition cannot be submitted for recreational riding credits also.
  • Participants must maintain a separate log on each registered American Paint Horse enrolled.
  • Keep track of time (one hour for each hour actually spent riding or driving) on the Official Ride America Time Log.
  • All time figured is on a one-horse/ one-rider basis and is on the honor system.
  • Participants are responsible for submitting PAC Recreational Riding hours to the association every 30 days.

Submitting Timelogs
Submitting timelogs is easy. Log your hours on-line, or download forms at apha.com/pac. If you do not have internet access, simply call APHA and we’ll send forms to you.

*Award Levels
100 hours – PAC Completion Certificate
500 hours – PAC Certificate of Recognition
1,000 hours
1,500 hours – PAC Certificate of Achievement
2,000 hours
2,500 hours
3,000 hours
3,500 hours
4,000 hours
4,500 hours
5,000 hours
6,000 hours
7,500 hours
10,000 hours – Superior Achievement

*Awards subject to change.

For more information on PAC Recreational Riding, email pac@apha.com or call (817) 222-6444.


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