PAC Forms

PAC show management is no longer required to submit a PAC event approval application.  All shows will be PAC approved as long as the show results are retained for one year and classes are open/all-breed classes to earn PAC credits.

A complete explanation of the rules and regulations for the PAC program is listed in the the current Rule book.


1. The APHA may recognize and award credits in any approved event or class that is put on by a recognized association, organization or affiliate that has been approved by the APHA, has a representative who agrees to keep records for one year, and follows the guidelines below.
2. It is recommended that the judges for PAC approved events be trained through an organization or be on a recognized judges list.

3. All clubs/organizations must agree to keep record of all exhibitor placings for at least one year from the event date. The APHA reserves the right to request copies of official results during any time in the calendar year.

4. PAC and APHA approved events can be held in conjunction; however an exhibitor cannot earn points and credits in the same class. Credits from other breed or color registry classes that award national points will not count. NOTE: The APHA will have final approval of all association and/or event.

5. APHA E-Shows – Paint Horses participating in APHA E-Shows—who are also enrolled in the PAC program—can use their placings to earn PAC credits on their horses’ APHA performance records, which tally toward incremental and year-end awards. APHA will also approve other select virtual shows administered by approved organizations and for classes that are not offered by APHA E-Shows; pre-approval of the event (via written request submitted before the show takes place) is required before outside virtual shows will count toward PAC credits.

For more information on PAC, email kutecht@apha.com, call (817) 222-6444 or FAX (817) 834-3152.


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