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Select NRHA shows make APHA World Show qualification a breeze

If you have a Paint reining horse and dreams of competing for the title of APHA world champion, make sure you put the following National Reining Horse Association events on your 2016 show calendar—these NRHA shows are approved to count toward the qualification requirements for the 2016 APHA World Championship Show.

Qualifying for the APHA World Show isn’t hard—simply compete at a minimum of four approved events under eight judges, and your horse is qualified to compete in ANY class and eligible division at the APHA World Show, which takes place November 2–13, 2016. Special qualification exceptions apply to certain classes, but most events require qualification by participation. The qualification period for the 2016 Open/Amateur World Show is August 1, 2015, through July 31, 2016; no qualification is required for the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, which takes place June 27–July 9.

Any APHA-approved show counts toward qualification for the APHA Open/Amateur World Show, but we’ve made it easier for reiners by including the following events thanks to APHA’s partnership with NRHA. 2016 dates include:

  • February 5-7—Winter Slide, Ardmore, OK
  • March 2–6—Cactus Reining Classic, Scottsdale, AZ
  • April 17-24—National Reining Breeders Classic, Katy, TX
  • May 5-8—Rein For The Roses, Elk Grove, CA
  • May 12-15—Carolina Classic, Williamston, NC
  • May 18-22—Columbine Classic, Pueblo, CO
  • June 25-July 2—NRHA Derby, Oklahoma City, OK
  • July 23–30—RMRHA Summer Slide, Denver, CO
  • July 18-24 —Reining By The Bay, Woodside, CA
  • July 28-31—Clayton Woosley,Lexington, KY

Unless otherwise noted on the APHA Show Calendar, these shows only count toward APHA World Show qualification, not APHA points. Each show counts for at least one show and two judges toward qualification requirements.

And remember, the following 2015 NRHA reinings also count toward 2016 APHA World Show qualification requirements:

  • August 31-September 9—NRHA South Central Regional Affiliate Finals,Tulsa, OK
  • September 10-13—NRHA East Central Regional Affiliate Finals, Springfield, OH
  • September 11 – 20 —High Roller Reining Classic, Las Vegas, NV
  • September 23-27 —NRHA Mountain Regional Affiliate Finals, Denver, CO
  • September 23-27—NRHA Southeast Regional Affiliate Finals, Williamston, NC
  • October 15-18 —NRHA Northwest Regional Affiliate Finals, Rancho Murieta, CA
  • October 20-25 —Southwest Reining Horse Association Show, Ardmore, OK
  • October 22-25 —NRHA Southwest Regional Affiliate Finals, Burbank, CA
  • October 22-25 —NRHA Northeast Regional Affiliate Finals, Logan Township, NJ
  • October 30–November 1 —NRHA North Central Regional Affiliate Finals, Winona, MN

Reining across the pond? The following European events also count for World Show qualification:

  • March 3–6 —3 Nations I, Mooslargue, France
  • March 13 —Garden of England Winter Show 2, Bodiam, United Kingdom
  • March 26–27 —Easter Slide, Graasten, Denmark
  • March 30-April 3 —Llyda Flanders Reining, Destelbergen, Belgium
  • April 9–10—Roux Spring Slide, Entraigues, France
  • April 8–10 —Bitz Country Spring Show, Bitz, Germany
  • May 7-8 —British Reining Spring Show, Bodiam, United Kingdom
  • May 12-17 —Bayerische Meisterschaft, Rieden, Germany
  • July 15–17 —SWS Summer Blast, Axvall, Sweden
  • May 25-29 —Markel French Derby, Mooslargue, France

For the complete scoop about the APHA World Show and how to get qualified, visit apha.com/oawcs.


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