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Recognizing top Paint Horses and competitors with year-end awards is a pinnacle for recipients and their Association

More than 1,800 awards issued based on points earned at APHA-approved shows in 2011

Fort Worth, TX—For hundreds of enthusiastic Paint Horse owners who are passionate about showing, the culmination of their monumental efforts is recognized annually by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) in the way of Year-End Awards. With equal enthusiasm, the Association looks forward to bestowing these honors to our most dedicated competitors.

Over time, the APHA awards program has evolved to laud multiple cross-sections, allowing additional opportunities for time in the spotlight. At final count, the Association issued a total of 1,862 individual awards to top Paint Horses for the 2011-point year for Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Amateur Walk-Trot, Youth and Paint Alternative Competition (PAC), with estimated value of more than $135,000.

The Honor Roll recognizes the Top 10 in each class earning the most points during the calendar year (total number of recipients for 2011 listed in parentheses). Every Honor Roll Champion receives a customized Gist Silversmiths buckle; Reserve Champions receive a discipline-specific award ranging from leather spur straps, rope bags, English saddle cases, buckle displays or lasered stirrups; 3rd-10th receive a certificate commemorating their achievement.

  •  Open All Ages (239)
  •  Open Solid Paint-Bred (46)
  •  Classic Amateur (115)
  •  Masters Amateur (96)
  •  Novice Amateur (78)
  •  Amateur Halter (31)
  •  Amateur Solid Paint-Bred (14)
  •  Amateur Walk-Trot (28)
  •  Youth 13 & Under (97)
  •  Youth 14-18 (141)
  •  Youth Halter (20)
  •  Youth Solid Paint-Bred (13)

Zone Awards recognize the top five in each of the 14 regional zones, based on total points earned within their respective zone (total number of recipients for 2011 listed in parentheses). The Zone Champion in each Zone and division receives an embroidered jacket, while second through fifth place each receive a Cowboy Bronze trophy.

  • Open All Ages (65)
  •  Open Solid Paint-Bred (23)
  •  Classic Amateur (59)
  •  Masters Amateur (58)
  •  Novice Amateur (55)
  •  Amateur Solid Paint-Bred (12)
  •  Youth 13 & Under (53)
  •  Youth 14-18 (55)
  •  Youth Solid Paint-Bred (8)

The Top 20 recognizes the top placing individuals based on their Top 20 shows of the year (counted individually by judge). APHA presents customized Gist Silversmiths buckles to each of the Top 20 competitors (and Top 10 in Solid-Paint Bred divisions). The champion in each division also receives a custom Blue Ribbon Saddle plus an embroidered jacket courtesy of Hart Trailers. Number Two and Three in each list receive the embroidered jacket courtesy of Hart Trailers and trophy saddle pad with their buckles.

  •  Open All Ages (20)
  •  Open Solid Paint-Bred (10)
  •  Classic Amateur (20)
  •  Masters Amateur (20)
  •  Novice Amateur (20)
  •  Amateur Solid Paint-Bred (10)
  •  Youth 13 & Under (20)
  •  Youth 14-18 (20)
  •  Youth Solid Paint-Bred (9)

Rookie of the Year honors are presented in the Amateur and Novice Youth divisions. Each Rookie of the Year receives a customized Gist Silversmiths buckle and an embroidered horse blanket of their choosing.

APHA also awards year-end prizes to Paint Horse owners who compete with their horses in competition that’s outside of APHA-approved shows. The PAC program recognizes PAC Category Leaders, Six PAC Top 5 and International PAC Zone Top 5 with awards ranging from Gist Silversmiths buckles to embroidered trophy jackets and certificates.

Get started
Now is a perfect time to start showing your registered American Paint Horse in APHA competitions, which are held throughout the year worldwide. All points earned at APHA-approved shows are automatically included in your horse’s permanent record and can help earn not only year-end awards, but Perpetual Awards like Register of Merit and Superior as well. Find a show near you by visiting aphaonline.org and clicking on Calendar Of Events under the Public Access section.

Or if alternative competition outlets are more your style, get enrolled in PAC today and start planning your showing for credits. Get all of the forms and see the approved calendar of events at apha.com/pac.

About the American Paint Horse Association
The American Paint Horse Association (APHA), the international breed registry for the American Paint Horse headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. In fulfillment of its mission to collect, record and preserve pedigrees of the breed, APHA recognizes and supports 111 regional and international clubs, produces championship shows, sponsors trail rides and creates and maintains programs that increase the value of American Paint Horses and enriches members’ experiences with their horses. APHA has registered more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded, and now serves over 64,000 active youth and adult members around the world.

For more information about APHA and how to get involved, visit apha.com or call (817) 834-2742.