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Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program calendar-year enrollment period coming in 2020

Starting with the 2020 competition year, APHA’s popular Ram Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program—PBRIP—will operate on an annual, calendar-year enrollment period.

PBRIP is designed to bridge the gap between barrel racers who run Paints and the American Paint Horse Association by making it easier for barrel racers to be part of APHA without having to attend traditional breed shows. This program brings the breed to you at barrel racing events nationwide by adding money to the pot specifically for Paint Horses enrolled in PBRIP.

The enrollment period modification is effective January 1, 2020. If you have an active PBRIP enrollment that was purchased between September 2019 and December 2019, the enrollment will roll over to the entire 2020 year as we make this transition; in this case, your renewal will be due by January 2021.

Get Started With PBRIP

Tons of barrel races around the nation are approved annually through PBRIP and offer sidepots exclusively for PBRIP-enrolled Paint Horses.
  1. Ride a registered American Paint Horse
  2. Get or renew your APHA membership (required for rider)
  3. Enroll your Paint in PBRIP each year.
  4. Run for the CASH at PBRIP events.

PBRIP Enrollment Forms:
More PBRIP Info: apha.com/pbrip/about-pbrip/
For more information, contact APHA Racing at (817) 222-6444 or email kutecht@apha.com.
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