2024 Youth Futurity Project
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Myah Yeomans & Colten Dulin win 2024 APHA Youth Futurity Project championships

AjPHA members Colten Dulin (right) of Nampa, Idaho, and Myah Yeomans (above) of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, are the overall champions of the 2024 Youth Futurity Project. Colten and his 2023 bay overo gelding Canter Culture won the yearling division; Myah and her 2022 gray overo gelding Cowboys Drink Whisky won the 2-year-old division. The event took place in conjunction with the 2024 APHA World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Youth Futurity Project teaches AjPHA members how to raise and train their own horses. The program is open to all Youth members and all breeds of horses, with additional incentives for top-placing Paint Horses. Exhibitors are responsible for the hands-on training of their horses but are encouraged to seek out verbal guidance from trainers, parents or coaches.

“I’ve learned how difficult a baby is, that’s one thing,” Colten said with a laugh. “I’ve learned that it takes a lot of patience because they don’t understand. You have to treat it with kindness and respect; honestly, you just have to appreciate your animals.”

The training process culminated with participation in three Youth Futurity Project championship classes at the World Show, and exhibitors also completed a logbook. The classes varied by division but included such events as trail and showmanship. Points earned from each class and the logbook tallied into overall placings.

Myah participated in the 2023 Youth Futurity Project with Cowboys Drink Whiskey, and it was a no-brainer to return for the 2-year-old division this year.

“It’s been a really great learning experience,” she said. “I was more confident with him as a 2-year-old after working with him through the yearling challenge. I really appreciate that APHA offers this opportunity to Youth equestrians.”


Congratulations to all of the Youth Futurity Project participants!


Overall Yearling Division Champions

1st Place: Colten Dulin & Canter Culture

2nd Place: Madison Peters & Ima Flashy Fireman

3rd Place: Maci Cerasale & Sheza Mighttyrockstar


Overall 2-Year-Old Division Champions

1st Place: Mya Yeomans & Cowboys Drink Whiskey

2nd Place: Callie Sanda & Too Wild To Party

3rd Place: Maci Cerasale & Kiss My Lazy A

High-Placing Logbook

Champion: Ava Mariotti & Fancy This Lope (left)


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