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Italy to host APHA’s 2020 European Education Summit

Mark your calendars and start making plans to attend the upcoming APHA/AQHA European Education Summit in Rome, Italy, February 3–5, 2020. This unique educational event is the perfect opportunity for aspiring and carded judges, exhibitors and equine professionals to come together and learn, network and prepare for excellence in the upcoming show season.

Held at the Cardinal Hotel St. Peter Roma—just minutes from the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica—the European Education Summit features two days of instruction with APHA Senior Director of Judges David Dellin and AQHA Senior Director of Judges Patti Carter. Together they’ll cover a wide variety of classes in an interactive format, using APHA horseIQ as a learning tool. Judge applicant testing is offered on the third day and includes a written rule book exam, video testing and individual interviews.

All APHA members, no matter their level of experience as exhibitors, are welcome to attend.

Exhibitors can improve their performances through top-notch education. When it comes to success in today’s highly competitive show ring, it takes more than a talented Paint Horse and hours of training to win. It takes a thorough understanding of the APHA Rule Book and what the judges are looking for to be your best self. No one and no horse is perfect, but the thinking horseman can use that knowledge to gain a competitive edge.

Trainers can better prepare horses and clients for today’s competitive show ring. This is an excellent opportunity for professional horsemen and -women to keep with the latest rules and trends in industry, especially if they are exhibiting in multiple associations. With the level of competition constantly increasing and rules continually evolving, this event makes it easy to keep up with the latest standards and get answers directly from industry leaders.

Aspiring judges can prepare for and take the judge applicant test. Becoming an APHA-approved judge is a stringent process, designed to award judging cards to only the most qualified applicants. We strive to develop high-quality judges who are able to precisely evaluate and rank entries in a variety of classes, in keeping with rules set forth by the association. Click here for complete details on becoming an APHA International Judge.

Carded judges can fulfill their continuing education requirement. All APHA International Judges are required to attend an APHA-approved seminar once every two years. Attendance at the February 3–4 seminar counts toward recertification and is an excellent way to prepare for your 2020 judging assignments.

Registration fees are 200 for the Horse Show Education Seminar on February 3–4, and 100 for the Judge Applicant Testing on February 5. Register and pay in full by Monday, January 6 and save 25per session. Registrations and payments will be accepted until Friday, January 17.

Plus, you can bring your APHA registrations, transfers, and other paperwork to the European Education Summit and get rush service at no extra charge. Come to learn and go home with your horse’s new APHA registration certificate to boot!

Questions about becoming an APHA International Judge? Click here for complete details and the application or contact APHA Senior Director of Judges, Shows & Education David Dellin.


Questions about the 2020 APHA/AQHA European Education Summit? Click here for complete details and the registration form or contact APHA Director of International Membership Irene Stamatelakys.


Host Hotel

Cardinal Hotel St Peter Roma

Via Leone Dehon, 71

00165 Rome


Special Room Rate: 70€ single; 80€ double (including American breakfast)

To reserve your room, please contact Group & Conference Supervisor Francesca Desideri.


2020 APHA European Education Summit Schedule

Sunday, February 2

5–7 p.m.          Registration

Monday, February 3

8 a.m.              Registration Desk Opens

9 a.m.              Horse Show Education Seminar

Noon               Lunch (included)

1 p.m.              Horse Show Education Seminar

6 p.m.              Closed Session (carded judges only)

7 p.m.              Dinner (on your own)

Tuesday, February 4

8 a.m.              Horse Show Education Seminar

Noon               Lunch (included)

1 p.m.              Horse Show Education Seminar

5 p.m.              Closed Session (judge applicants only)

6 p.m.              Dinner (on your own)

Wednesday, February 5

8 a.m.              Judge Applicant Testing

Noon               Lunch (included)

1 p.m.              Judge Applicant Interviews


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