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Global connections: Seven Youth lease Paints with help from the Lazos

Kelly and Sabine Lazo of Caldwell, Texas, are expanding access to the Paint Horse community one Youth at a time. At the 2024 APHA World Championship Show, the mother-daughter duo hosted seven international exhibitors from China and New Caledonia. They secured horses for all seven Youth to lease, giving the global crew a first-hand experience of competing at the World Show.

“For all but two of these kids, this is the very first time they’ve ever showed,” Sabine said.

The Lazos leased four of their personal horses: Heza Hugable Jet, FVR Casual Elegance, Justified Sensation and The Lil Prince. They also found four more mounts courtesy of generous owners.  Cynthia Raysser loaned I Only Dress In Pink, Genevieve Butts loaned Lenas Easter Jubilee, Lynne Faust loaned RC Who Dat Cat and Katy Roberts loaned Madison Avenue Man.

Since most are new to showing—especially at an event of this caliber—Sabine says they’ve tackled a few challenges, including helping each exhibitor keep up with their numbers, finding show clothes and overcome their nerves. Despite different languages, Sabine says she didn’t experience any difficulties communicating with them.

“I would say, other than never having shown before, the biggest difficulty is having nine teenagers at your stalls all the time,” Sabine said with a laugh.

Lease on Life

Their success has been nothing short of remarkable.  Clara Lasbleiz of New Caledonia won an Intermediate reserve championship and an overall bronze world championship in Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under. Anna Chen Bai of Beijing, China, won a bronze world championship in Youth Tobiano Color; others also took their own Top 10 titles.

“I come from New Caledonia, and we did 10,000 kilometers with my family to be present at the championship,” Clara said. “It’s an exceptional opportunity for me to be able to be present.”

Clara is not alone in her appreciation of showing at this level.

“I think these kids, by any standard, are truly invested and they understand this to be the privilege it is and not a right,” Sabine said.

This entire experience has been a testament to the opportunities and camaraderie that are provided for Youth within APHA, Sabine says. She found people more than willing to help the exhibitors prepare for their debut in Fort Worth.

“I just can’t imagine having grown up anywhere other than APHA,” Sabine said. “And I think it’s really cool that they just continue to expand and improve on those opportunities so that more and more youth from all over the world get to experience that too.”

A Successful Ride

Congratulations to these exhibitors’ World Show results:

Clara Lasbleiz of New Caledonia & Madison Avenue Man (pictured top left)

  • Reserve Intermediate Champion—Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under
  • Bronze World Championship—Youth Hunter Under Saddle 13 & Under
  • Top 10—Youth Trail 13 & Under, Novice Youth Trail 13 & Under and Novice Youth Western Horsemanship 13 & Under

Anna Chen Bai of China & Lenas Easter Jubilee (pictured top right)

  • Bronze World Champion—Youth Tobiano Color

Sophie Yutong Duan of China & I Only Dress In Pink

  • Top 10—Youth Tobiano Color

Tina Jinyu Le of China & FVR Casual Elegance

  • Top 10—Youth Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation and Youth Walk-Trot Western Horsemanship

Moira Jiacong Pei of China & Heza Hugable Jet

  • Top 10—Youth Tobiano Color

Anderson Linghan An of China & RC Who Dat Cat

  • Top 10—Youth Ranch Cutting
  • Also competed in Youth Ranch Riding with The Lil Prince

Sissi Ruohan Wang of China & Justified Sensation

  • Competed in Youth Ranch Riding


By Alison Chaney


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