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$25,000 added to 2020 PBRIP 5D Barrel Racing Sweepstakes at the 2020 APHA World Show

Paint barrel racers, listen up! New for 2020, $25,000 has been added to the Ram Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program 5D Barrel Racing Sweepstakes taking place at the 2020 APHA World Show, September 21-October 4, 2020, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The added money is sponsored by the Texas Paint Horse Breeders Association and includes a $5,000 Texas-bred incentive for the Top 10 fastest times of any Texas-foaled horse. To be eligible for the $5,000 Texas-bred money, the exhibitor must be a Texas Paint Horse Breeders Association member ($25 per year).

  • All registered APHA horses can participate in the PBRIP Sweepstakes—Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred.
  • The horse must be enrolled in PBRIP for 2020.
  • World Show qualification is required to participate in the PBRIP Barrel Racing Sweepstakes, but it’s easy—just compete in two APHA-approved events during the qualifying period (June 1, 2019–May 31, 2020). PBRIP events count toward World Show qualification, and 4-year-old speed event horses do not have to qualify.

Check out the PBRIP calendar at apha.com/pbrip/calendar to find a PBRIP event close to you. If you do not have an event close to you contact APHA Racing at (817) 222-6444 and we can help you find an event close to you or help you get one approved.


PBRIP enrollment forms: https://apha.com/pbrip/forms/

More information: apha.com/oawcs.

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