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January 20, 2020


Convention 2020!

Make plans to attend the 2020 Convention in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  For the tentative schedule and convention registration click here.  
Rooms are still available at the Springhill Suites, deadline is January 28, 2020.
Convention Schedule

2019 Rule Change Proposals for consideration at 2020 Convention

Meet the Nominees for the 2020 APHA Executive Committee

Kelly Boles-Chapman

Lee Ann Hall

Sandy Jirkovski

Take a “Sneak Peak” at the new APHA offices in the Fort Worth Stockyards and meet the EC candidates!  The “Sneak Peak” will take place in conjunction with the APHA Convention on February 27th starting at 7 pm.  Refreshments will be served.  APHA’s new International Headquarters, 122 East Exchange, Suite 420, Fort Worth, Texas 76164.  Parking can be found on the east end of Exchange Ave near Riscky’s Barbeque.  The parking code for free parking is 6122.

APH Foundation Academic Scholarship applications due March 1

Spread the word, academic scholarships are available through the American Paint Horse Foundation.  Applications can be found at the above link.

Governance Task Force unanimously supports moving bylaw updates to full Board of Directors

Rule Change Proposal
Reference material for By-laws


New updates to the Gold Star and Clubs of Distinction awards for 2020.

March 1, 2020 Deadline for APH Foundation Academic scholarship applications.  Don’t let this opportunity go by.  All APHA youth members are invited to apply.


2020 Rule Change Proposal changes dates for Regional Clubs to provide required information to APHA

See Article IX, page 28-30 of the Official 2020 APHA Rule Book where it states the requirements to maintain a regional club charter.  March 1 is the new deadline for receipt of newly elected officers, financial statements, membership lists and current club by-laws.  Use the links below for the required electronic templates for these items.
Membership List
Sample Financial Report

2020-2022 APHA Director Election Results

Thanks to the Director’s Nominating Committee for your work and congratulations to all those who will be representing their area.  Your work as a 2020-2022 APHA Director/Alternate will begin at the conclusion of the 2020 Convention.  Your attendance at Convention is appreciated.


“Looking to increase show participation? Want to capitalize on the ranching competition movement?

Then the Ranch Work Championships is your answer. The Ranch Work Championships are an all new timed, all-breed ranch competition. It has been designed to maximize revenue for producers and made to seamlessly blend on the front or the back of a pre-exiting event. Visit Ranch Work Championships  to learn more or watch our YouTube explanation video. Are you interested in producing a Ranch Work Championships Qualifier in your area? Email Steven Hayes or call 817-222-6432. Step on to the bus headed for a new era in Ranch Horse competition!”


  It’s not too late to get your brick added to the showcase location on Mule Alley.



Check out the latest edition of Fresh Paint!

2019 APHA Board of Directors

2019 Standing Committees

Fort Worth Stockyards Update

horseIQ is changing the equine education game, and it’s not just horsemen who are taking noteDon’t miss out on all the latest additions to the horseIQ library.


Bought a new horse?  Transfer it online!

APHA is first stock-horse breed to offer online transfers of ownership.
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See you down the trail.

APHA Executive Director
Billy Smith
(office) 817/222-6401
(cell) 806/679-9412
(email) billy@apha.com
(Twitter) #billyAPHA