LeaderCare 65


September 26, 2018


Don’t forget…

Rule Change Proposal deadline is October 1, 2018.

Click here to find the rule change submission form.


Bought a new Horse?  Transfer it online!

APHA is first stock-horse breed to offer online transfers of ownership.

APHA is excited to offer an online option for transfers of ownership of registered horses. Users must have the original, signed registration certificate in hand and a current APHA membership — only a single ownership update, from the owner of record to the new buyer, is eligible for online transfer processing (multiple transfers of ownership for a horse must be sent to APHA directly). To get started, the buyer must sign up as a new user at the APHA ShowDay site (https://apha.myshowday.com/) and connect it to their existing APHA membership. Once your account is validated, select “Transfer” and walk through the steps to transfer ownership of your Paint. Questions? askapha@apha.com


“Experience Your Western Lifestyle” in our new online retail store, the PH Barn Door.




September 30

Second Weanling Registration Deadline


In this section of LeaderCare, we will be updating you weekly on what is going on with our relocation to the Stockyards Historic District.  Construction has started.  Check out this live cam.
Promote your barn, your legacy or your horse.  By doing so you will be memorializing yourself in the history of APHA. APHA’s new offices will be in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  There APHA will be seen and visited by millions of tourists each year.  APHA is dedicated to provide a totally western experience within our new offices which will compliment those who have chosen to be a part of the building displays and architecture.  Here is one way of having your family, horse or ranch memorized at the new APHA headquarters.  Read more …


APHA Executive Director
Billy Smith
(office) 817/222-6401
(cell) 806/679-9412
(email) billy@apha.com
(Twitter) #billyAPHA
See you down the trail.

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