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July 27, 2017

Show Management Corner
We are adding a new section called “Show Management Corner”. Please take a moment to review weekly updates to this section, share with clubs in your area and anyone this information could help.
Show Calendar Shift in 2018
Reminder: There is a shift in the calendar in 2018! Be sure to check your show dates and plan accordingly. The calendar shifts one week in 2018, thereby creating new show priority dates for APHA-approved shows. The APHA reserves show dates based on the calendar week, not upon the date. Depending on how you book your facility, this may or may not affect your show. Be sure to check with the facilities where you plan to hold your 2018 shows to make sure that your dates are still reserved.
Click here for 3-Year Planning Calendars
In an effort to assist you with planning for the 2018 show season, please keep the following in mind:

    • All shows will be assigned new priority dates based upon the number of the calendar week as indicated on the APHA show calendar. Week #1 includes the first Sunday in January. (SC-090.I)
    • Example: Your show was approved on May 6-7, 2017 – that is week #19 on the APHA show calendar. In 2018, week #19 is May 12-13, 2018 – which will now be your new show priority dates.
    • All APHA regional clubs who have received approval from the Executive Committee to host shows on traditional holiday weekends on a permanent basis will continue to receive approval for those dates. (SC-090.K.5)
    • Those shows required to move forward in the APHA show calendar, thereby creating difficulty in securing facilities, have the option of requesting to move their dates back one week.
    • If the show that is requesting to move back one week is located within 250 highway miles of the show that now has priority on those dates as determined by the APHA show calendar, it will not be able to be approved unless all affected show managements agree to waive the mileage restriction. (SC-090.J and SC-090-K.1)
    • Effective for the 2018 calendar year only, we will accept show applications prior to the completion of your 2017 shows to assist you in securing your dates.

 Marked for Greatness” Leadership Exchange

Next presentation – September 12,  7pm CST
Topic: TBD
Video conference presentations are available online under Director resources, click here. We are looking to you for information you would like to see presented in our future video conferences. Please click here to send your suggestions for content of future video conferences.
November 3: The final conference will be a face-to-face on November 3, 2017 here are the APHA Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Beginning the day on Friday we’ll hear from Dr. Rick Rigsby and the second half of the day will be spent with APHA staff members. Each department of APHA will be represented.  You’ll hear from staff on APHA programs that will assist you if asked questions from members in your area.

APHA Names 2017 Hall of Fame Class
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PHJ and Chrome honored with 2017 APEX Awards
Painted Turnpike – APHA’s new lifetime leading Paint Racehorse
APHF Salutes its 2017-2018 Academic Scholarship Recipients
APHF welcomes new members to its 2017 Board of Directors
APHA World Championship Show schedule now available


2017 APHA Regional Club Contact Information

If you’re looking for a show in your area, this link will provide you with Regional Clubs and their 2017 Officers.  The club’s web site address is also located here along with email addresses and phone numbers of those who can answer your questions.
The Regional Clubs listed below are lacking some or all of the required information referenced in Article IX, Section 4.  Failure to meet and maintain specific requirements and minimal activity levels may results in the revocation of the club charter. Clubs will need to submit the lacking information immediately.  Send to Theresa Brown at this link.

Blue Mountain PHC
British Columbia PHC
Cascade PHC
Central Oregon PHC
Color Country PHC
Cross Timbers PHC
Eastern Idaho PHC
Inland Northwest PHC
Manitoba PHC
New Mexico PHC
Northeast Texas PHC
Southeastern Oregon PHC
South Dakota PHC
Southern California PHC
Southern Colorado PHC
Southwest Washington PHC
Temecula Valley PHC

Standing Committee meeting minutes

Executive Committee meeting minutes

Board of Directors’ meeting minutes

APHA Strategic Plan

APHA Financial Strength

Tips on Chairing Your APHA Committee

See you down the trail.

September 5
APHA Office Closed (Labor Day)
September 20- October 1
Open/Amateur World Championship Show

2018 APHA Convention 
Date: March 2-5, 2018
Where: DFW Marriott North, Irving, Texas


APHA’s Mission Statement

We inspire, nurture, promote and provide meaningful experiences to generations interested in preserving the versatile Paint Horse.

Show Management Corner
Make Your Website Mobile Friendly 
Take Advantage of one Judged Shows with Clinics
Attention to Details at your Show


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