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3 paths to Regular Registry,

thanks to new APHA rule change


A rule change passed by state directors at the 2021 APHA Convention in February now provides eligible Paint Horses with a third way to qualify for Regular Registry status. This rule—recommended by the Breed Integrity Advisory Committee—comes in addition to the existing registration rules already in effect, and was approved for early implementation.

The new RG-020.A.1.b rule—detailed below—goes into effect April 5, 2021. It is a viable option for eligible horses that are already registered with APHA (status change process applies) or for new horse registrations, provided the horses meet the requirements outlined below.


Any foal who does not otherwise meet the color requirements of RG-070.A-G and results from an APHA-registered sire to an APHA-registered dam, at least one of which is Regular Registry, with the foal having at least three generations of Paint bloodlines on one side beginning with the foal’s parents, will be registered in the Regular Registry with a pattern type listed as solid.

The Details

The new RG-020.A.1.b rule proves a pathway to Regular Registry for solid Paints who meet specific requirements and are the product of qualified Paint breeding. Once confirmed by APHA staff, these horses will be included in the APHA Regular Registry with a pattern type listed as “solid,” and they will be eligible to compete in Regular Registry APHA classes at approved competitions.

If a horse does not qualify for the Regular Registry through existing means—via qualifying white markings or through presence of eligible Paint pattern genetics and qualifying traits (in addition to APHA parentage requirements)—the new RG-020.A.1.b rule might allow that horse to earn Regular Registry status if the following conditions are met:

  1. The solid horse in question has two APHA-registered parents (sire and dam)

  2. The solid horse in question has at least one APHA Regular Registry parent (sire or dam)

    • A horse that is the product of a solid APHA sire and solid APHA dam is not eligible for this RG-020.A.1.b. advancement.

  3. The solid horse in question has at least three consecutive generations of APHA-registered horses on at least one side of the pedigree (beginning with the foal’s sire or dam)

    • See the FAQ for generational pedigree examples

Per the new rule, the solid horse in question must first attempt to qualify for Regular Registry through existing means in RG-070.A-G (either through qualifying markings and/or the RG-070.E genetics + trait rule). If the solid horse has a qualifying Paint trait as outlined in RG-070.G, the horse must complete full color/pattern panel testing at an APHA-approved lab and submit those results to APHA for filing before RG-020.A.1.b. will become an option. If the solid horse does not qualify for the Regular Registry through other means (including presence of a Paint pattern gene and eligible trait), the horse may then be considered for Regular Registry advancement under RG-020.A.1.b.

The Advancement Process

First, make sure your horse meets the requirements:

  • Does the horse have two APHA-registered parents?

  • Does the horse have at least one APHA Regular Registry parent?

  • Does the horse have at least three generations of connected APHA-registered horses on at least one side of the pedigree?

  • Is the horse ineligible for APHA Regular Registry through RG-070.A–G (including completion of applicable RG-070.E color/pattern DNA testing)?

If you can answer “yes” to each of those questions, you can apply for Regular Registry status under the RG-020.A.1.b. rule for your solid Paint.

Already Registered with APHA?

Horses with existing Solid Paint-Bred Registry papers can apply for a status change by submitting the following to APHA via postal mail (emailed/online submissions not currently accepted):

  • Original APHA registration papers, with “registry change” box checked on the back

  • Material to attempt registration through RG-070.E (including photos of the eligible Paint trait and a Paint pattern panel DNA order or results) OR reference to a previously submitted-and-denied status change request due to lack of Paint pattern genetics or traits

  • Payment for $75 status change fee

    • NOTE: Work is done in the order it is received. Expedited rush service is available for a $25 additional fee. To select this option, include the applicable fees and write RUSH on the outside of the envelope when you send the material to APHA.

New APHA Horse Registrations

If the horse is not already registered with APHA, you can include the following material with your registration submission:

  • APHA registration application (completely filled out)

  • Required photos (left side, right side, front and rear)

  • Material to attempt registration through RG-070.E (including photos of the eligible Paint trait and a Paint pattern panel DNA order or copy of results)

  • Payment for applicable registration fees, including DNA-related fees

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AjPHA National Directors Elected

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Alves, Hagen elected to Board of Directors


APHA State Directors have elected Monika Hagen from Germany and Diane Alves from California to the board of directors, bringing the number of board members to eight under the newly configured bylaws. In addition, the State Directors have also approved mandatory parentage verification for all foals and have, for the first, time elected members of the Leadership Development Nominating Committee for 2021. State Directors elected, Tom Crowley, Carla Perri, Laurie Roden, Travis Titlow, Craig Wood and Sue Woodson to serve on the committee charged with developing, vetting and recommending APHA’s leadership.

Almost 150 State Directors were in attendance at APHA’s first virtual convention, making it the largest collection of voting State Directors in APHA’s history.

Diane Alves

Diane Alves of Ballico, California, has been involved with APHA since her childhood. An APHA member for more than 30 years, Diane grew up showing in APHA as a Youth and learned firsthand the dedication and ethics she uses today in all aspects of her life.  She and her husband have been involved in the breeding side of APHA too, as well as in regional participation in a variety of disciplines.

Diane, who manages operations for a telemonitoring Health company, has been an APHA State Director from California since 2013 and has served on a number of committees. Involved with the San Joaquin Paint Horse Club from its inception, Diane has also been involved with the California Coordinating Committee to help advocate collaboration between all California clubs.

Monika Hagen

Monika Hagen of Haldenwang, Bavaria, Germany, (the first European ever elected to APHA’s top leadership committee) has been involved with Paint Horses for more than 30 years and is a lifetime APHA member. With the support of her husband and three children, Monika has owned, raised and shown Paint Horses since 1995.  In 2000, Monika was elected as a regional leader of Paint Horse Club Germany, and as the club’s president for four years, she was instrumental in managing the European Paint Horse Championship Show.  In addition, as manager of the family business – SQ Quality Horses – she has imported hundreds of horses from the US and Canada and bred more than 100 registered Paints that have gone on to successful careers.  Her APHA leadership experience began in 2000 and progressed to serving as chairman of the International Committee from 2015 to 2020.

In addition, APHA State Directors also approved a spate of rule changes. Here are the election results:

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2021 Time to Ride

program applications now being accepted

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Youth and Amateur Awards Banquet 

to be held at the 2021 World Show

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 7:30pm

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APHA Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet has moved

APHA Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet has made the move to the 2021 APHA World Show.
The banquet is tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 1 at the famed TX Whiskey Ranch.
Updates on the festivities are coming soon!

Dates to Remember

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