LeaderCare 2-22-2021

2021 APHA Virtual Convention                

See Convention Schedule Here    
Things to know for the 2021 Virtual Convention
If you want to vote and you plan on using your phone during committee meetings or during the State Directors Session, you need to have the Zoom app and join through the Zoom link. Using the call in option will not allow you to vote by raising your hand or answer a poll question.  You do not need the Zoom app if you use your PC.
All committee members will receive an email before their respective meetings with a link that takes you directly to the Zoom committee meeting. The links at http://www.apha.com/events/convention are for members and guests and will not allow you to vote during the meeting.
Directors not present for roll call during the State Directors Session on Sunday will not receive a voting email per Article VI 6.1.F.:
A State Director/Alternate must attend each meeting of the State Directors and answer roll call each time it is taken to assure a record of their attendance. Failing to do this, the Director/Alternate may be replaced at the discretion of the President.
Questions or comments, please contact Karen Ficklin at kficklin@apha.com

APHA Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet has moved

APHA Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Banquet has made the move to the 2021 APHA World Show. The banquet is tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 1 at the famed TX Whiskey Ranch. Updates on the festivities are coming soon!

Dates to Remember

March 1, 2021 

  • Academic Scholarship applications due
  • Regional Club Officers for current year must be submitted to the APHA office along with previous years annual financial statement, electronic membership list and updated bylaws.


Looking to increase show participation?

 Want to capitalize on the ranching competition movement?

Then the Ranch Work Championships is your answer. The Ranch Work Championships are an all new timed, all-breed ranch competition. It has been designed to maximize revenue for producers and made to seamlessly blend on the front or the back of a pre-existing event.  Visit Ranch Work Championships  to learn more or watch our YouTube explanation video.
Are you interested in producing a Ranch Work Championships Qualifier in your area?
Email Steven Hayes or call 817-222-6432. Step on to the bus headed for a new era in Ranch Horse competition!”

It’s not too late to get your brick added to the showcase location on Mule Alley.

horseIQ is changing the equine education game, and it’s not just horsemen who are taking note

See you down the trail,

APHA Executive Director

Billy Smith
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(cell) 806/679-9412
(email) billy@apha.com
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