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Parentage verification required on all new APHA registrations starting January 1, 2022


All registrations submitted to APHA as of January 1, 2022, will require parentage verification to be completed. This is the result of a rule change to RG-125 passed by elected state directors at the 2021 APHA Convention in February.
Why The Requirement?
Parentage verification ensures the integrity of the Paint Horse breed by positively identifying both the sire and dam of the registration applicant. With more than 1 million registered horses, ensuring integrity of the breed and accuracy of APHA records is of utmost importance to APHA leaders.
What’s New?
All horses submitted for registration as of January 1, 2022, are required to have parentage verification testing completed as part of the registration process. The DNA test should be ordered at time of registration submission (available for both online registration submissions and on physical application submissions).
Previous rules only required parentage verification for select breeding methods (transported semen, frozen semen, embryo transfer), if the horse was intended for racing, or if the horse was over age 10 at time of registration submission.
Now, the parentage verification rules apply to all registrations submitted on or after January 1, 2022, regardless of the breeding method or horse age.

  • For foals being submitted for registration: order as part of the registration process.  You will receive a testing kit for the foal and will submit the hair sample to the lab.
  • For dams: order using the DNA order form or order via APHA.MyShowDay.com (select genetic typing without parentage), or order the dam’s test as part of the foal registration if she is not yet tested.
  • Each test is $60 and completed via APHA through UC-Davis. Volume pricing discounts are available when genetic typing is ordered on five or more horses at the same time (see APHA Rule Book for pricing); submit the DNA order form to APHA via email or postal mail to take advantage of the discounted rate.

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Welcome Party at Hotel Drover in the Fort Worth Stockyards

February 26, 2022

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Industry Leader Symposium at Hotel Drover

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February 27, 2021

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Chrome Cash hits sweet spot at

NRHA European Derby in France

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The Cowgirl Gathering

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Chrome and Paint Horse Journal win 2021 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards

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APHA Hall of Fame

nomination deadline

December 1, 2021

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Committee Chair and Vice Chair Spotlight

                                                       Breed Integrity Advisory Committee

Chair – James Howard
James is a lifetime member of the American Paint Horse Association. He has been competing with and raising Paint Horses (predominantly race horses) for over 20 years. He operates Running Colors Equine, Inc. in Wayne, Oklahoma, with his wife and two daughters. James served on the Racing Committee for many years, serving as chair for four years. He was also chairman of the 2020 Presidential Committee and has served on the Disciplinary Committee.
James is currently a board member of Horse Nations Indian Relay Council (HNIRC), an organization which promotes indian relay races in the upper midwest and northwest.

Vice Chair – Spike Brewer
Spike’s passion for the American Paint Horse started over 35 years ago and still is strong today. As a youth and early in her Amateur career, she focused on the all-around events and her biggest accomplishments were the #1 Youth and two-time #1 Amateur on the APHA Top 20 lists. As she got older, she started to focus more on the rail events, hunter under saddle and Western pleasure. She met her husband and love of her life Jody Brewer at a horse show (of course) and they have been married 11 years. They have a seven-year-old daughter, Addison. Together, they enjoy breeding, raising, showing and promoting quality hunter under saddle and Western pleasure horses.
Spike has served as a member and chair of the Amateur Committee for many years, has been a member of the World Show Advisory Committee and currently serves as vice chair of the Breed Integrity Committee. She has been an APHA national director for North Carolina for almost 10 years.

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

announces the nominees for the

2022 Board of Directors

Ashley Griffin    ♦    James Howard    ♦    Jerry Cable

Megan Brown    ♦    Mike Holloway

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Paints win at

2021 SHOT Stock Horse World Show

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Tentative schedule for 2021 rule revision proposals

November 2021 – Rules Advisory Committee and Board of Directors meet to review all proposals for proper and legal wording.  Board of Directors may table proposals at this time.

December 16, 2021 – Publish all rule revision proposals submitted for membership review.

February 26-27, 2022 – APHA Convention General Membership meetings. All rule revision proposals to be reviewed and amended; then voted on – passed or defeated.

March 1, 2022 – Publish all rule revision proposals passed by the voting state directors on website.

January 1, 2023 – Rules passed at 2022 Convention become effective.

Renewal Deadline for

Regional Clubs is March 1, 2022

Article VII, Section 7.4: Once a charter is granted to a Regional Association/Club, it is automatically renewed yearly provided the Regional Association/Club continues to meet specific requirements and demonstrates a minimal level of activity.

A. Specific requirements and activity levels shall include but are not limited to the following:

a) Maintain a membership of twenty (20) members, ten (10) of whom are members of the APHA;

b) Regional Association/Club Officers and the Board of Directors shall be required to carry a current APHA membership during the term of their office.

c) Submit a list of members electronically in the format specified by APHA, a copy of the Regional Association/Club Bylaws and the previous year’s annual financial statement, which includes a listing of all income and expenditures, by March 1st of each year; and

d) Provide a minimum of two (2) Regional Association/Club approved or sponsored shows or trail rides or APHA-approved horse or specialty shows, participate in a parade or an equine-related trade show booth, or host a Paint For A Day or other APHA-approved program activity per year. To inquire about what events are approved or to request event approval, contact APHA staff.

All the required documents mentioned in (c) above must be submitted through the online portal by clicking on the link below and using the Regional Club Annual Submission Form Link.

Click here for form

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Judge Applicants

Michael Damianos – Ojai, California

David Johnson – Sophia, North Carolina

Eric Peterson – Mabel, Minnesota

Jamieson Gross – Concordia Kansas

The Judges Committee seeks information on the above judge applicant(s).

Please submit both favorable and unfavorable evaluations to:  APHA Judges Department, 122 E. Exchange Ave., Suite 420, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

Dates to Remember

  • November & December Calendar of Events
  • 2021 PBRIP Calendar of Events
  • November 25-26, 2021 – APHA Office Closed
  • December 1, 2021 – Hall of Fame nomination deadline
  • December 10, 2021 – Marked for Greatness Leadership Exchange – Breeders’ Trust
  • December 24 & 27, 2021 – APHA Office Closed 
  • December 31, 2021 – APHA Office Closed
  • February 15-27, 2022 – APHA Convention Meetings and Activities
  • March 1, 2022 – Scholarship application deadline
  • March 1, 2022 – Regional Club renewal deadline

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