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July 17, 2020

Message from APHA President Casey West

With the recent initiative regarding the creation of a third registry concerning some Solid Paint-Bred horses, I elected to create a Presidential Commission to take a fresh look at this proposal, with the directive to report back to the Board of Directors their findings.


This “think tank” of people is comprised of individuals with diverse viewpoints of the industry who I have asked to provide an objective, unemotional review of the proposal. I know many of you are well aware of the highly charged discussion that has occurred on social media the past few weeks. Rest assured; this Commission has the best interests of our Association in mind—-as do the Board of Directors.


This initiative has the potential to greatly change our breed association. To that end, this discussion deserves to be elevated to another level of review. The careful due diligence of this commission, and the Board of Directors, is important as we make this next step together in consideration.


As a State Director, you deserve the fullest and most complete review of this significant proposal that can be provided.  It is my expectation that the Commission will provide this kind of review.
Earlier this year, the Board of Directors—in an effort to reduce the negative effects of COVID-19 on the Paint Horse community—chose to extend the genetic testing options to one Paint parent offspring through expansion of the RG-070.E. rule. Both the new and the previous bylaws gave the Board of Directors (formerly the Executive Committee) authority to fast-track rule changes. However, the Board of Directors has always taken the position that these kinds of actions should be done rarely and wisely. The State Directors deserve a full and thorough vetting of this proposal. If, after they review all the pertinent information, State Directors will have an opportunity to make a fully informed decision.


We have received recommendations from a very hard-working Breed Integrity Committee and from staff regarding the cost and implications of this proposal. The Presidential Commission is a tool provided in the APHA Bylaws to maximize the flow of information to both the Board of Directors and the State Directors.
I appreciate the phone calls from all of you concerned about this important issue. Your concern heartens me in knowing that APHA members are as passionate and engaged as ever. That bodes well for our future and for our breed. I also encourage you to keep in mind that much of what you read in social media may support only a particular point of view. The job of the Board of Directors and State Directors is to consider the impact of any proposal on the entire 45,000 members of APHA and to make decisions that most positively benefit the majority.


Kind Regards,
Casey West

2020 APHA Presidential Commission named to investigate merit of restricted registry proposal

APHA President Casey West has appointed a presidential commission to investigate the merit of the Restricted Registry proposal, which was sent to the Board of Directors in June 2020 as a recommended emergency rule change and then prematurely released to the public by committee members.  Read more…

2020 APHA World Championship Show Schedule, September 18 – October 4, 2020

New Deadlines:
Pre-entry, stall & RV deadline – August 21, 2020
Breeders’ Futurity & Breeders’ Trust Pleasure Stakes:
1st payment – July 21, 2020
2nd payment – August 21, 2020
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“Great American Outdoors Act” Gallops Toward the Finish Line!

As public lands begin to re-open, Congress has an opportunity to pass important trails legislation that will get Americans outside while promoting the health of recreational riders.  Thanks in large part to continued advocacy from the horse industry, the Senate voted June 17 to pass the “Great American Outdoors (GAO) Act of 2020” by a vote of 73 to 25.  Now that the Senate has passed this important lands’ bill, the House must take the next step and send it to the White House to be signed into law.

Youth Team Tournament Goes Virtual

APHA is excited to announce the 2020 AjPHA Youth Team Tournament is going virtual for 2020—it will take place July 17–August 3 on E-Shows, APHA’s virtual horse show platform! By hosting a Virtual YTT, APHA is able to offer the event to Youth members worldwide who might not be able to attend the APHA World Show this fall. This is a great opportunity for those who have school restrictions and for those who have never before attend the APHA World Show.  Read more…


Stay tuned for the next E-Show deadline!

Horse shows are starting to happen again! As you prepare for your show, don’t forget to check out the PH Barn Door for great show awards. We have products with APHA logos as well as customizable options.  Click here.


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