Arabian Horse Association E-Show

Arabian Horse Association Virtual Shows

Welcome to the Arabian Horse Association Virtual Shows, hosted by the American Paint Horse Association’s E-Shows! Exhibitors will film their performance based on the outlined criteria, submit their video, and the judge will take it from there.

December Judges: TBD



Open: December 1; Close: December 19 at 5 pm CST


Open: January 1; Close: January 16 at 5 pm CST


Open: February 1; Close: February 20 at 5 pm CST


Open: March 1; Close: March 20 at 5 pm CST

AHA E-Show Class Rules & Regulations

Entry Fees

Class Entry: $30 per class
Class Entry With Judge Feedback/Critique: $45 per class

How to Enter

Enter your name, AHA membership number, your age, your region, your horses name and registration number on the entry page.  Select your class from the list.  This demographic information will not be provided to the judge. A unique rider/handler and horse combination can only enter each class once.  A horse is eligible to be utilized multiple times in a class with different riders/handlers. No background farm banners/logos are allowed.

General Rules


Base membership (adult or youth) in AHA is required to participate.  A competition card is not required to participate in the AHA virtual show.

What You Need To Participate in A Virtual Show

  • Horse
  • Rider/Handler & Attire
  • Tack
  • Typical riding/lesson attire – boots required in riding classes
  • Safe area to ride of recommended 50 feet by 50 feet.
  • Friend with a phone or camera with video capability
  • Cones/markers/poles/obstacles as required for your class


  • Everyday riding attire is allowed – boots are required for all riding classes.  Show attire is not required.
  • Helmets that meet the ASTM safety requirements must be worn by those 18 & under in every video except in-hand classes.
  • Showmanship – long sleeves and long pants are required.
  • Western Pleasure, Western Seat Equitation and Western Horsemanship – Long sleeve, long pants and western boots are required.
  • Hunter Pleasure and Hunter Seat Equitation – Long sleeves, jodphurs with jodhpur boots 10 & Under) or breeches with hunt boots.


Western saddle for western seat, and hunt saddle for hunter seat are to be used. Work bridles and bits, including snaffles, are allowed.

How to Compete

You can practice for your video and if there is a pattern you may practice that as well.  When ready you will record your go.  Below you will find the button to the online entry form.    You will include your name and email and AHA membership number to ensure your feedback comes straight to you.  Follow each class’s posted pattern and filming guidelines – failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.  When disqualified your critique will include a coupon code to use as a free entry into the next show.

Video Specifications

  • Camera position for class: Profile or where indicated on the pattern for the specific class.
  • Position camera in landscape/sideways mode.
  • Distance from horse: Horses must be filmed from the profile approximately 40 feet away.
  • Time allowed: Must show 5-10 seconds in each of the required gaits or demonstrate the pattern for the class.  Maximum time limit is defined in the class specifics.
  • Only one video per class entry is allowed.
  • Video must be one continuous clip, raw and unretouched. Video may not be edited.  If it is edited it will be disqualified.
  • Gaits must be demonstrated in the order specified for the class.
  • Measurements are approximations and are merely guidelines when setting up your pattern.
  • Coaching during the video is not allowed.
  • Natural background sound for the class must be audible. Background music is not allowed.
  • Video entries must be taped during the posted show dates and submitted by the posted deadline with the entry form. Visually indicate the date of videotaping, within the actual video.  Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification.
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or any video hosting site that allows for a PUBLICLY viewable link to be created. This is how the video will be submitted in your entry form.

Tips for making your Video

  • Ensure you have good lighting. If indoors make sure your entry is not backlit.
  • Place video in landscape mode/sideways.
  • Phones on a tripod are great and the patterns indicate where to place the camera.
  • Pivo pod is a smart interactive pod that holds your phone for videoing and has fast action capability for horses.
  • Keep the horse in the frame at all times.


No refunds will be given after the video link is provided to the judge.

Season High Point

The virtual show season will run from December 2021 – May 2022
  • High Point All-Around Exhibitor
  • High Point Walk/Trot/Jog Exhibitor

Prizes awarded at end of season to Champion and Reserve. Exhibitors may show multiple horses. Sport Horse In-hand, Performance Halter, and Showmanship will be counted towards the High Point All-Around Exhibitor.

  • Points awarded as follows (no matter how many horses are in the class)
    • 1st – 5 points
    • 2nd – 4 points
    • 3rd – 3 points
    • 4th – 2 points
    • 5th – 1 point

Questions regarding class rules or patterns, or about the Arabian Horse Association in general, may be directed to the Arabian Horse Association via this email address:
Questions regarding payment or video upload issues may be directed to Elizabeth Lawhorn with the American Paint Horse Association at this email address:

AHA E-Show Results

AHA E-Show High Point Standings
Congratulations to the 2022 Spring Series High Point Winners!

Champion High Point All-Around Exhibitor- Eva Bray riding Shaides of Blue+ from Nevada

Reserve High Point All-Around Exhibitor- Laurie Spencer riding WW Rockstar and Starovin from Nevada

Champion High Point Walk/Trot/Jog Exhibitor- Makenzie Shaw riding North Star Bey and Tequilla Mischief from Nevada

Reserve High Point Walk/Trot/Jog Exhibitor- James Bosco riding Daddys New Ride from Nevada

All-Around High Point Standings

1. Eva Bray- 46

2. Laurie spencer- 29

3. James Bosco- 20

4. Jessica Bohlen Bohlen- 10

5. tie- Ava Schanzenbach- 5

5. tie- Isabella Diehl- 5

5. tie- Kathryne Baldwin- 5

5. tie- Molly Berner- 5

5. tie- Natalie Seals- 5

5. tie- Ella Spaletta- 5

10. tie- Alice Berner- 4

10. tie- Annaliese Bower- 4

10. tie- Makenzie Shaw- 4

13. Diana Davis- 3

14. Taylor Higgins- 2

Walk/Trot High Point Standings

1. Makenzie Shaw- 19

2. James Bosco- 14

3. Elena Bray- 12

4. Annaliese Bower- 10

5. tie- Helena Savoy- 9

5. tie- Isabella Diehl- 9

7. tie- Olivia  Bast- 8

7. tie- Piper Bast- 8

9. tie- Alice Berner- 5

9. tie- Kathryne Baldwin- 5

9. tie- Molly Berner- 5

9. tie- Sierra Severson- 5

13. Milena Berge- 4

May AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Hunt Seat Equitation1103Eva BrayShaides of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1104Elena BrayZees Big DeeNevada
Hunter Pleasure1100Kathryne BaldwinConcertina NNWCalifornia
Hunter Pleasure2103Eva BrayShaides of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1100Kathryne BaldwinConcertina NNWCalifornia
Ranch Rail Pleasure1106Laurie SpencerWW RockstarNevada
Western Pleasure1101Laurie SpencerStarovinNevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J1105Makenzie ShawNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J2102Milena BergeTTonightsThe NiteNevada

Class Score Sheets


April AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Hunt Seat Equitation1102Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1100Elena BrayZee's Big Dee+/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure1102Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J1101Makenzie ShawNorth Star BeyNevada

Class Score Sheets


March AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Arabian Performance Halter1151001James BoscoDaddy New RideNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation1011Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure1011Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Showmanship881001James BoscoDaddy New RideNevada
Western Horsemanship421031Ella SpalettaEver Famous IANevada
Western Pleasure1021Laurie SpencerStarovinNevada
Western Pleasure1042Makenzie ShawNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1001James BoscoDaddy New RideNevada

February AHA E-Show Results

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Class Name
Entry #
Video Link
Arabian Performance Halter1117115.5Maya BeckTF Party DollArizona
Western Pleasure1113Lauren KoperskiMarzalColorado
Country Pleasure3120Kalyn ProebstelGH Restless HeartMissouri
Country Pleasure2118Braelyn StonekingRedd ZoneMissouri
Country Pleasure1119Kaycee DilleCSP SpringsteenMissouri
Sport Horse Under Saddle1100Karen DameronBar Louie MLHMissouri
Hunter Pleasure1112Lindsay MillerMSU SiennaMontana
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1115Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1115Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Sport Horse Under Saddle2115Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Country Pleasure4110Emmaline ThompsonAforce Afire BFNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation1105Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot2101Elena BrayAberdares ValorNevada
Hunter Pleasure2105Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure3108Molly BernerArabask VFNevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot2101Elena BrayAberdares ValorNevada
Ranch Rail Pleasure2104Laurie SpencerWW RockstarNevada
Showmanship110375James BoscoDaddys New Ride +/Nevada
Western Pleasure2102Laurie SpencerStarovinNevada
Western Pleasure3107Alice BernerEver Famous IANevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2103James BoscoDaddys New Ride +/Nevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1106Helena SavoyTequilla MischiefNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog3109Isabella DiehlShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J1111Makenzie ShawNorth Star BeyNevada
Ranch Rail Pleasure1116Elijah MckinzieRamblin Miss HickoryOklahoma
Sport Horse In-Hand1114Cody ChamberlainFR DRACOVirginia

January AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Country Pleasure Walk/Trot1109Sierra SeversonDraped In Blue MCSWisconsin
Hunt Seat Equitation1106Jessica Bohlen BohlenRitz Karleton JWisconsin
Hunt Seat Equitation2100Eva BrayShaides of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1108Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Hunter Pleasure1100Eva BrayShaides of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1108Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Showmanship110263James BoscoDaddys New RideNevada
Sport Horse Under Saddle1106Jessica Bohlen BohlenRitz Karleton JWisconsin
Sport Horse Under Saddle2108Annaliese BowerDomaniqueNew York
Western Pleasure1101Isabella DiehlArabaskVFNevada
Western Pleasure2103Laurie SpencerStarovinNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1102James BoscoDaddys New RideNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2107Makenzie ShawTequilla MischiefNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog3104Helena SavoyTequilla MischiefNevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J1107Makenzie ShawTequilla MischiefNevada

December AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Hunt Seat Equitation1114Natalie SealsTsultry TsongWashington
Hunt Seat Equitation2100Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1107Molly BernerShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot2103Olivia BastEver Famous IANevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot3104Piper BastTequilla MischiefNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot4101Elena BrayZee's Big Dee+/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure1107Molly BernerShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure2100Eva BrayShaides Of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1104Piper BastTequilla MischiefNevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot2103Olivia BastEver Famous IANevada
Ranch Rail Pleasure1111Laure spencerWW RockstarNevada
Showmanship110562James BoscoDaddys New RideNevada
Sport Horse In-Hand110266.30%Ava SchanzenbachEJM The Artful WaltzSouth Dakota
Western Pleasure1112Laure spencerStarovinNevada
Western Pleasure2108Alice BernerEver Famous IANevada
Western Pleasure3106Diana DavisArabask VFNevada
Western Pleasure4110Taylor HigginsNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1109Isabella DiehlTequilla MischiefNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2105James BoscoDaddys New RideNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog3113Helena SavoyNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J1108Alice BernerEver Famous IANevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J2109Isabella DiehlTequilla MischiefNevada
Western Seat Equitation W/J3113Helena SavoyNorth Star BeyNevada

Class Score Sheets

May AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Arabian Performance Halter1110119.5Cherie LonasEleven Hundrhed MilesSouth Dakota
Arabian Performance Halter2100115Michael SchenauerLonestar Mac VCalifornia
Arabian Performance Halter3101111.5KELLY KNOWLESGrand EmeraldVirginia
Country Pleasure1107Madeline WelchEros Premier StatusNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1106Eva BrayArabask VFNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot2109Kaya HollisZZOE S A+++/Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot3105Elena BrayZees Big Dee+/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1103Cynthia TealEJM PSRYNCESS KIARASouth Dakota
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot2101KELLY KNOWLESGrand EmeraldVirginia
Showmanship110264Cynthia TealEJM ROLLIEVANILLAKISSSouth Dakota
Showmanship210128KELLY KNOWLESGrand EmeraldVirginia
Sport Horse In-Hand110265.5Cynthia TealEJM ROLLIEVANILLAKISSSouth Dakota
Western Pleasure2104James BoscoNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Pleasure1108Ava CIRULLOAberdares ValorCalifornia
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1103Cynthia TealEJM PSRYNCESS KIARASouth Dakota
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2101KELLY KNOWLESGrand EmeraldVirginia

April AHA E-Show Results

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Entry #
Video Link
Arabian Performance Halter1106119.5Alexis ColeCLC Marc StraileyCalifornia
Arabian Performance Halter2100117Kelly KnowlesGrand EmeraldVirginia
Country Pleasure1128Xavier LeeIncredible Heat++//California
Country Pleasure2113Becky BohlenCommander N Chief NNWWisconsin
Country Pleasure3126Pam LeeTamar Emissary+California
Country Pleasure Walk/Trot1133Madeline WelchAforce Afire BFNevada
HA/AA Performance Halter1103102.5Cynthia TealEJM ROLLIEVANILLAKISSSouth Dakota
Hunt Seat Equitation1125Elyssa SelvidgeCamelot VFArizona
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1108Aria MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot2124Sherri FlippoEver Famous IANevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot3129Molly BernerArabask VFNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot4134Alexandra DohertyRGA KouladdinNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot5132Raquel ChretinCA GaliciaNevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1122Sherri FlippoShaides of Blue+Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot2108Aria MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot3102Lilian PostNickolas NicklebyTexas
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot4100Kelly KnowlesGrand EmeraldVirginia
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot5121Elena BrayZees Big Dee+/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot6132Raquel ChretinCA GaliciaNevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot7135Catherine DohertyInkredible Heat++//Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot8120Eva BrayZZoe S ANevada
Ranch Riding111674Barbara TibbsRavenwood DunIn StyleIdaho
Ranch Riding210465.5Autumn WaldenShow No FearCalifornia
Ranch Riding311763.5MONTANA LOPEZBewitched bey +++/California
Showmanship111479Roxzene BockstruckRavenwood Exotic PrizeIdaho
Showmanship210378Cynthia TealEJM ROLLIEVANILLAKISSSouth Dakota
Showmanship310958Lark MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Sport Horse In-Hand111076Brittany HaglerMM MetallicaWisconsin
Sport Horse In-Hand210575.5Karissa HeldOFW VicaariousWisconsin
Sport Horse In-Hand311273.3Cindy VanGalioDestined for Fame FFAMichigan
Sport Horse In-Hand410772.4Freddie KauffmanAli KhanVirginia
Sport Horse In-Hand510170.6Diane WalserTrigger Warning GWashington
Sport Horse In-Hand611170.2Jessica DillinghamNo Greater Honor+Wisconsin
Sport Horse Under Saddle1123Laurie TibbsRavenwood Hot Stuff+/Idaho
Sport Horse Under Saddle2107Freddie KauffmanAli KhanVirginia
Sport Horse Under Saddle3127Sabrina ParsonsCamelot VFArizona
Western Horsemanship1115Laurie TibbsRavenwood Sky MaidIdaho
Western Pleasure1116Barbara TibbsRavenwood DunIn StyleIdaho
Western Pleasure2115Laurie TibbsRavenwood Sky MaidIdaho
Western Pleasure3114Roxzene BockstruckRavenwood Exotic PrizeIdaho
Western Pleasure4119Ava CirulloSir Muzkateer HACalifornia
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1102Lilian PostNickolas NicklebyTexas
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2131James BoscoNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog3130Alice BernerMegas Litle AngelNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog4118Vail RyckeboschCoco Chanel BluNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog5100Kelly KnowlesGrand EmeraldVirginia

March AHA E-Show Results

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Class Name
Entry #
Video Link
Hunt Seat Equitation111377Meghan FordDakotaKhromeNew Jersey
Hunt Seat Equitation212074Acadia Palmer-ToyTamar PallisadeCalifornia
Hunt Seat Equitation311772Natalie ZavalaVelvet RevolverCalifornia
Hunt Seat Equitation411464Noelle YandellAtlanta Myste VCalifornia
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot1140Vail RyckeboschCoco Chanel BluNevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot2112Aria MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot3134Eva BrayZzoe SA+++/Nevada
Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot4136Elena BrayZzoe SA+++/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure1120Acadia Palmer-ToyTamar PallisadeCalifornia
Hunter Pleasure2141Addison HustonKFR CamelotBC, Canada
Hunter Pleasure3137Emma KoehnEragon WABC, Canada
Hunter Pleasure4106Rachelle ReichertSpark It Up+/AB, Canada
Hunter Pleasure5103Lauren KoperskiMarzalColorado
Hunter Pleasure6143Ava EdwardsJordan Lady CRFBC, Canada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot1140Vail RyckeboschCoco Chanel BluNevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot2107kelley bitterEye of the TigerOhio
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot3135Ava HustonDheja Vu +++//BC, Canada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot4121Kennedy MerrittRS MAJOR MOTIONNorth Carolina
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot5112Aria MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot6138Temple Fitzpatrick-JackZees Big Dee+/Nevada
Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot7131Molly BernerArabask VFNevada
Performance Halter Mares/Geldings1100122Laura RobertsRD NaimarOregon
Performance Halter Mares/Geldings2104121.5Amanda GonzalezJake N DiamondsCalifornia
Performance Halter Mares/Geldings3110115Melissa RaulersonWS Marquis ValentineSouth Carolina
Ranch Riding112369Theresa Stephens-BremerMonumentumIllinois
Ranch Riding212249Jeff BrownKoulijah BeyON, Canada
Showmanship111255Aria MillerAtlanntissCalifornia
Showmanship212752Gabriella SiefkesEljomar Gai ReynaSouth Dakota
Sport Horse In-Hand Mares/Geldings111172.7Melissa RaulersonWS Amirat Al RiyahSouth Carolina
Sport Horse In-Hand Mares/Geldings210570.3Sarah TheisenCant Biya LoveMinnesota
Sport Horse In-Hand Mares/Geldings310969.6Melissa RaulersonYara MMSouth Carolina
Sport Horse In-Hand Mares/Geldings411667.4Cindy VanGalioDestined for Fame FFAMichigan
Sport Horse Under Saddle1101Lisa KiserDestined for Fame FFAMichigan
Sport Horse Under Saddle2108Tiffany ArmstrongSRA Baske el BeyOhio
Sport Horse Under Saddle3105Sarah TheisenCant Biya LoveMinnesota
Sport Horse Under Saddle4102Addison MosleySRC Aladins ValentinoKentucky
Sport Horse Under Saddle5124Abby WeisenbergerFareed BWisconsin
Sport Horse Under Saddle6106Rachelle ReichertSpark It Up+/AB, Canada
Sport Horse Under Saddle7127Gabriella SiefkesEljomar Gai ReynaSouth Dakota
Sport Horse Under Saddle8118Melissa MoreheadSabres TokenTennessee
Western Horsemanship112265Jeff BrownKoulijah BeyON, Canada
Western Pleasure1126Lauren KoperskiStarcyteColorado
Western Pleasure2129Diana DavisArabask VFNevada
Western Pleasure3139Laurie SpencerEver Famous IANevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog1133Amanda GonzalezJake N DiamondsCalifornia
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog2100Laura RobertsRD NaimarOregon
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog3130Alice BernerMegas Litle AngelNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog4132James BoscoNorth Star BeyNevada
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog5142Caroline HollingsworthTDR REFLECTION STONECalifornia
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog6125Kelley BitterShade of ShaiOhio
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog7115Tatum SeidlitzCaptain MagnumArizona
Western Pleasure Walk/Jog8128Isabella DiehlSir Muzkateer HANevada