August 9, 2016

APHA.com test site

We will be rolling out a new and improved version of APHA.com on Wednesday evening, August 10. It fulfills part of our priorities and strategic plan to create a mobile-friendly website, and will also be the public’s first view of our new branding. Enjoy a sneak peek at http://apha.com. The official announcement will come this Friday.

Why did we need new branding?

  • For a fresh start. APHA’s look and feel has been watered down over many years of “tweaking” such that very few people identify with a specific look.
  • Supporting thoughts: At its core, branding is a promise and APHA’s new face is a promise to retain the values of the Western lifestyle, the commitment to the unique appearance of our horse, and a break toward a new and prosperous future.


The new branding goes hand-in-hand with the probable move of the APHA headquarters to the epicenter of Western culture—the Fort Worth Stockyards

  • Supporting thoughts: To grow, APHA must reach out to new constituent groups like retail, tourism and small-venue events. A new, fresh brand will await the millions of tourists who visit the Fort Worth Stockyards where APHA’s headquarters could reside and more than 3 million people will see the iconic Marrita Black bronze that reminds us each day of our horse. Should this move take place it will put the unique Paint Horse bronze that christens our current office front and center in the Stockyards. If the move fails to materialize, we can still move forward with a fresh promise for the future.

Why “PH” and not “APHA”?

  • “PH” for “Paint Horse” goes right to the heart of what people identify with. 
  • Supporting thoughts: As most of you already know, our friends refer to APHA as simply “Paint Horse”. We aspire to inspire people to discover the Paint Horse. If they discover the Paint Horse they’ll discover APHA. Perhaps more important is that the new look and feel incorporates two of the most common base colors in the Paint Horse breed styled into a cattle-brand look, another promise that we’ll keep the Western lifestyle at the heart of our brand development.

New Logo

New Logo horizontal

New Logo horse

New APHF endowment honors Zippos Sensation

APHA Lifetime Leading Sire Zippos Sensation died July 10 at age 23. The 1993 sorrel overo stallion was owned by Simons Show Horses of Aubrey, Texas, and it was under their guidance that he became a pillar in the Paint Horse industry. Read more…

Director Election

The deadline for nominees for the 2016 APHA Director Election is August 15. Don’t forget any APHA member in good standing is eligible to be nominated for the 2016 Director Election.  A form is provided for this purpose here

APHA Regional Clubs will receive nomination forms soon. Regional Clubs will receive nomination forms by email on July 13.  If your club is not nominating you and you wish to be considered you will need to file the appropriate form with APHA, emailed or mailed to the attention of Theresa Brown, tbrown@apha.com no later than August 15, 2016.
Also, there was a new rule change that requires all nominees provide APHA with a resume in order to be eligible for nomination to the Director Election. Please upload your resume and picture here. The APHA Directors Nominating Committee will make final decisions for all nominees in preparing ballots for each area.

Standing Committee meeting minutes

Executive Committee meeting minutes 

See you down the trail.

August 15
Postmark deadline for receipt of director recommendations from Regional Clubs and individual recommendations
September 1
Deadline for receipt of current membership to receive APHA Director Election ballot notice
September 5
APHA Offices Closed (Labor Day)
Billy On-The-Road
August 25
EuroPaint Zone Championship Show and International Paint Horse World Games, Kreuth, Germany

Fresh Paint

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