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2020-2021 AjPHA Executive Committee

The American Junior Paint Horse Association Members are represented by two youth leadership group which include our AjPHA National Director and AjPHA Executive Committee. To serve as an AjPHA Executive Committee Member, you must be a current AjPHA National Director and at least 12 years old as of January 1st of the current year. These members are responsible for overseeing all AjPHA affairs, reporting the status of the association to members, and helping govern and direct the course of AjPHA. Officers are elected during the annual AjPHA Convention, held during the APHA World Championship in Fort Worth, TX.

 2020-2021 Executive Committee
AjPHA President Rana Orsan
AjPHA President-Elect
Ruby Voortmeyer
AjPHA Vice President Treylyn Hancock
AjPHA Secretary Alexis Hollenweger
AjPHA Treasurer Emily Coggins
Zone 1 Representative Cody Dulin
Zone 2 Representative Ruby Voortmeyer
Zone 3 Representative Avery Maxwell
Zone 4 Representative Kynlee Curry
Zone 5 Representative Anna Thron
Zone 7 Representative Kimberly Laue
Zone 8 Representative Riley Francis
Zone 9 Representative Emily Coggins
Zone 12 Representative Katharina Weber

Forms & Downloads
AjPHA Executive Committee Responsibilities 

INTERESTED? Contact APHA’s Director of Youth Activities at youth@apha.com.


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