LeaderCare 44

October 13, 2017

It’s not too late —

Marked for Greatness”   Leadership Exchange

You’re invited — make your plans now to attend.  

A New Message from Rick Rigsby—Want a healthy club?  Be more accountable.

When: November 3, 2017, 8 am – 5 pm
Where: APHA International Headquarters
Lodging: click here for Hilton Garden Inn (ask for APHA rate)
Rate: $95 special room rate available for November 2 & 3
Let us know you’re coming, click here.
Click here to see Dr. Rick Rigsby doing what he does best.
Transportation will be provided from the hotel to APHA office. The nearest airport is Dallas/Fort Worth International.
This will be a face-to-face day of food, fun and learning. Also, take in some shopping while you’re here.  The General Store will be open and stocked full of APHA branded products.
Beginning the day on Friday we’ll hear from Dr. Rick Rigsby with his never heard before presentation on Accountability.  As some of you may know Dr. Rigsby is intelligent, funny and brings power to his presentations.  You won’t want to miss his enlightening account of “sustaining accountability through momentum”.
The second half of the day will be spent with APHA staff members. Enjoy a presentation on the Breeders’ Trust program, Registration, Performance Awards, Horse IQ and the 4 Secrets to a Great Show. You’ll be able to visit the APHA departments and ask questions. We hope everyone will attend and take back valuable information to your area as a Leader of APHA.

Modified APHA World Show qualifying requirements expands participation possibilities for 2018

APHA Regional Clubs 

The following APHA Regional Clubs are no longer active and viable, therefore, their charters have been revoked.
Blue Mountain PHC
Cascade PHC
Color Country PHC
Manitoba PHC
Southeastern Oregon PHC
Southern California PHC
Temecula PHC
Please make sure your club is meeting the requirements of the APHA Rule Book, Article IX.  If your club elects officers before the end of 2017,  you must submit your club’s new officers by January 1, 2018.  If your club does not elect officers until after the beginning of 2018 you must still submit your club’s current officers by January 1st and again after your elections have been held.  We publish club officers for use by members to contact you for club memberships, meeting information and show schedules.  Your club officers must be submitted to APHA electronically for easy dispersal to all APHA members. Please use this electronic form for submitting your club officers.  

Paint Horse exhibitors shatter horse, entry and payout numbers during the 2017 World Show’s September debut
World Show recap: Paints turn cloverleafs into cash with PBRIP Sweepstakes
2017 High-Point Ranch Horse award standings updated
APHA Top Pro Exhibitor list gives professional trainers well-earned bragging rights
Second Breeders’ Trust Stallion Subscription payment due by November 30
2 easy ways to recoup the cost of your APHA membership
APHA Acting President Dr. Craig Wood shares information regarding committing time and leadership to the APHA Executive Committee.
APHA Executive Committee member Mike Short shares information of getting involved with APHA Leadership.

Standing Committee meeting minutes

Executive Committee meeting minutes

Board of Directors’ meeting minutes

APHA Strategic Plan

APHA Financial Strength

Tips on Chairing Your APHA Committee

Marked for Greatness” video presentations

See you down the trail.

October 16

Postmark deadline for rule change proposals from members, committees, etc. (Form available online)

November 23 & 24

APHA Office closed for Thanksgiving


2018 APHA Convention

Date: March 2-5, 2018
Where: DFW Marriott North, Irving, Texas

Make your room reservations now!

APHA’s Mission Statement

We inspire, nurture, promote and provide meaningful experiences to generations interested in preserving the versatile Paint Horse.

Show Management Corner

Offering SPB classes as class within a class per Rule Sc-325.A.1.b.
Show Calendar Shift for 2018
Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

1 Minute Video Tips for Producing the Best Paint Show Possible

1st edition – Youth World Championship Paint Horse Show
2nd edition – produce the best paint show possible
3rd edition – one judge shows with clinics
4th edition – pay attention to details at your show
5th edition – great judges make great shows
6th edition – make your Show Fun
7th edition – be prepared, know the rules 
8th edition – taking care of the details
9th edition – scribes

APHA Executive Director

Billy Smith

(office) 817/222-6401

(cell) 806/679-9412
(email) billy@apha.com
(Twitter) #billyAPHA