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Name Department Action
David Dellin Senior Director of Judges, Show & Education
Brock Springer Senior Interactive Art Director
Cristin Conner Director of Marketing & Membership Operations
Kim Capuano Accounting/Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator
Desiree Heath Marketing Coordinator
Freddie Alexander MemberCare
Jennifer Crites MemberCare
Jody Johnson Art Director
Dana Weaver MemberCare
Rachel Florman Publications Associate Editor
Lea Keck MemberCare
Anthony Bennett MemberCare / Publications Support
Angie Willis MemberCare / Show Approval
Karen Utecht Director of Racing, PBRIP
Jessica Hein Senior Director of MemberCare & Publications
Savanna Robbins Director of Amateur Activities
Allyson Pennington Assistant Director MemberCare / Facilities
Billy Smith Executive Director
Jenny Mathis Senior Director of Accounting
Cindy Grier Director of Administration / Legal / Executive Assistant
Theresa Brown Director of LeaderCare / National Directors / Regional Club Manager
Holly Slaughter Senior Director of APHA Events
Christine Henry Director of Youth Activities & APHA Events
Khanthong Luangphisay MemberCare
Alexandra Flavion Performance Department Assistant, PAC
Sherry Smith Supervisor, MemberCare
Debbie Bedford Accounting
Sandra Cox Mail Center
Matt Arias Director of Breeders' Trust/ Breeders' Futurity
Irene Stamatelakys Director of International Membership
Kurt Crawford Director of Business Development
Steven Hayes Senior Director of Marketing, Membership, and Special Events


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