Ranch Work Championship

All-Breed, All-Ages

Will Rogers Memorial Center
John Justin Arena | Fort Worth, TX

Saturday, July 7, 2018

$10,000 Added

3D Divisional Payout per Event – Each D pays equally
Divisional payout system increases payout opportunities for all skill levels.
Special awards presented to the high-scoring Paint Horse in each event.

Ranch Work $1,750 Added
Ranch Cow Work $1,750 Added
Ranch Cutting $1,750 Added
Ranch Roping $1,750 Added

Average Award Bonus
$1,000 Paid Per D ($600 to Champion/$400 to Reserve in each D)


Ranch Cutting & Ranch Cow Work:
$150 entry fee/run ($50 jackpot, $50 cattle, $50 office)

Ranch Roping & Ranch Work:
$125 entry fee/run ($50 jackpot, $25 cattle/equipment, $50 office)

Pre-Entry Deadline: June 29, 2018 by 5 p.m.
Add-On Entries – Entries will be accepted after June 29, but fresh cattle will not be guaranteed.

Horses may be entered multiple times, but only one time per horse/exhibitor combination. All-Around Average award is tabulated on a one-horse/one-rider basis.



Ranch Cutting
Ranch Work
Ranch Cow Work
Ranch Roping


Ranch Work Championship Rules

Entry Fees & Deadline

Tentative Schedule – Updated 7/2/18

Entry Form

Online Entry Form

Stall Reservation Form

RV Reservation Form

Online RV Reservation Form

Division Splits – 4 point splits
Example: 78 is high score in event
1D winner = 78 score
2D winner = 74 score
3D winner = 70 score

Payouts paid per D based on number of entries:

Places 1-10     11-15     16-30     31-60     61-90
1st       100%     60%       50%       40%        30%
2nd                    40%      30%        30%        25%
3rd                                   20%       20%        20%
4th                                                  10%        15%
5th                                                                 10%

Ranch Cow Work – 20 Entries
$1,750 Added + $1,000 jackpot ($50 jackpot/entry X 20 entries) = $2,750 ($917 paid per D)

1D – 1st $ 459
1D – 2nd $ 275
1D – 3rd $ 183

2D – 1st $ 459
2D – 2nd $ 275
2D – 3rd $ 183

3D – 1st $ 459
3D – 2nd $ 275
3D – 3rd $ 183

Highest combined scores from all events. Participation in only one event required for average payout eligibility. Tabulated on a one-horse/one-rider basis.

Division Splits – 16 point splits
Example: 292 is high score overall
1D winner = 292 score
2D winner = 276 score
3D winner = 260 score

$1,000 Paid per D

1D – Champ $ 600.00
1D – Reserve $ 400.00

2D – Champ $ 600.00
2D – Reserve $ 400.00

3D – Champ $ 600.00
3D – Reserve $ 400.00

Event Descriptions:
The Ranch Work event tests the horse’s ability to cope with situations encountered while being ridden through a pattern of obstacles and maneuvers generally found during the course of everyday ranch work. The horse/ rider team is judged on the correctness, efficiency and pattern accuracy with which the obstacles are negotiated and the attitude and mannerisms exhibited by the horse. Judging emphasis is on identifying the well-broke, responsive and well-mannered horse which can correctly navigate and negotiate the pattern.


The purpose of this event is to show the horse’s ability to assist the rider in roping a cow out of a herd, as would be done on a ranch for branding or doctoring. The horse and rider should move quietly through the herd, to locate the desired cow and position the rider to make the catch quietly with as little disturbance to the herd as possible.


The ideal ranch horse should also be a cow horse and this event demonstrates and measures the horse’s ability to do cow work. There are five parts to this work: boxing the cow; setting up the cow and driving it down the fence to the opposite end of the arena; boxing it at the opposite end of the arena and then driving the cow past the middle marker again, then circling or roping. There is no expectation that the exhibitor will make a “fence turn”, rather the boxing, driving, boxing, driving, roping or circling.


This event is judged on the ability of the horse to work a cow by separating it from the herd and holding it to demonstrate the horse’s ability to work the cow.



Sam Rose



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Any questions can be directed to the APHA Performance Department at showing@apha.com or by phone at 817-222-6416.


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