2016 Conditions and Nomination Forms

RA.000. Racing Rules and Regulations
D. REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS FOR STAKES RACES. To establish eligibility to participate in stakes races, all horses foaled on or after January 1, 2013, must meet the following requirements:

 1. Regular Registry Horse - must have at least one APHA Regular Registry Paint Horse in the 1st     generation.

2. Solid Paint-Bred Horse - must have two APHA Regular Registry Paint Horses in the 1st generation
    or at least one APHA Regular Registry Horse in the 1st generation and at least one Regular
     Registry Paint Horse in the 2nd generation.

PDF file 2016 Oklahoma Paint & App Futurity
PDF file 2016 PSBA Futurity
PDF file 2016 PSBA Derby
PDF file 2016-Speedhorse-Races
PDF file 2016 Pot O Gold Futurity nomination form
PDF file 2016 Harvest Cup Fut & Mat Nom Form
PDF file 2016 Rupert Downs Futurity