Flash is a fresh new equine magazine for people who love fast horses and excelling in timed competition. Whether it’s “turning and burning” in speed events, racing on the track, or competing in mounted shooting, roping, sorting or penning, Flash captures the emotion and adrenaline around these sports while also highlighting the unique surrounding lifestyle. Along the way, Flash will showcase the speed, versatility, trainability and performances of the best registered American Paint Horses in the world.

About Flash

About Flash

Flash celebrates fast horses excelling in timed competition, the people who love them and the unique, heart-pumping lifestyle surrounding the sports of racing, barrel racing, roping, mounted shooting, ranch sorting and team penning.

By showcasing some of the best registered American Paint Horses excelling in these events, Flash highlights the speed, agility, versatility and trainability of the Paint Horse breed. These qualities make Paint Horses excellent mounts for these competitive disciplines—and they’re the ONLY choice for people who want to add a little “chrome” to their fast, flashy lifestyle. By working with affiliate partner organizations, APHA and Flash will help expand the market for speed-bred Paint Horses.

Flash is full of articles and columns that celebrate the American Paint Horse’s role in racing, roping, shooting and sorting, with a special focus on the people and lifestyle that comprise these sports. Inside, you’ll find:

  • - Expert insight
  • - Stunning photography
  • - Paint spotlights
  • - APHA and affiliate news

Flash is for anyone who enjoys timed events and fast horses—but you’ll also see why Paint Horses are where speed meets style.

The Events

Flash is focused on four groups of timed events:

Racing — Both racing and barrel racing, along with other speed-events like pole bending and stake race, share a common vein: fast, athletic horses. Paint Horses have a long history and strong bloodlines in these events, and they’re often seen adding color to the cloverleaf or down the straightaway.

APHA’s Paint racing and Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program cater to racers and barrel racers. Click to learn more about each.

Roping — A winning combination of power and heart, Paints are quick out of the box as favorite mounts in team roping competitions around the country. With a special focus on heading and heeling, Flash will showcase the breed’s skill in all roping events.

APHA is an alliance partner with the United States Team Roping Championship

Shooting — One of the fastest-growing equine sports, mounted shooting demands a horse with speed, agility and trainability, and the American Paint Horse fits that bill. Already popular mounts for mounted shooting, Paints are a favorite breed for this thrilling test of skill and horsemanship.

APHA is an alliance partner with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

Sorting — Working in teams of two or three, ranch sorters and team penners need equine partners they can rely on to best a herd of cattle and the clock. Wrapping intelligence and maneuverability in a colorful, fleet-footed package, Paint Horses are often found dominating these sports.

APHA is an alliance partner with the Ranch Sorting National Championships.

In this issue


Flash focuses on the times of your life—all while highlighting some of the best registered American Paint Horses excelling in racing, roping, shooting and sorting. Check out some of the great stories in our 2016 issue.

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    - ​Work the Herd
    - ​Have it Your Way
    - ​Work & Play
    - ​Downshift
    - Pull the Trigger
    - APHA Running Champions
    - Paints Preferred mini-bios

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