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Wild & Free

Break loose, stand out and feed your soul.

By the Chrome Staff

Images by Scott Womack Photography


Inside every cowgirl and cowboy, an untamed spirit burns. Our souls yearn for freedom, straining against society’s bridle in an effort to make our own way, stand out from the crowd and embrace the call of the wild.

Who doesn’t want to break free of the duties and expectations that tie us down and instead run wild alongside the flying manes and dancing hoof beats of our equine partners? Or camp under starry skies and bask in the warm, morning sun as it peaks over the horizon and brightens quiet, rolling prairies? It’s a chance to feel unencumbered peace wash over our souls, hearts beating in harmony with nature, horses and the spirit of the West.

In a world of conformity and expectations, Western fashion lets us wear our untamed hearts on our sleeves. Vibrant prints and patterns brighten moods while paying homage to the colors, textures and designs that make the West wild and free, while rugged leathers and nature-based accents keep the lifestyle we love close at hand.

We can’t always let loose, but we can certainly make a statement: wherever we are, we’re wild and free.

Meet Danyelle

Pro photographer Danyelle Harp of Lake Stevens, Washington, knows life behind the camera, but she really shined in the spotlight as one of Chrome’s 2016 grand-prize winners. Layering pieces combined with trendy boots and a few ultra-trendy pieces—like the fringe dress, one of her favorites—helped the APHA member embrace her “Wild & Free” persona.

Meet Jeremy

Whether he’s heading to class or to the barn, Jeremy White of Gainesville, Florida, is all about looking professional with a pop of individuality thrown in for fun. The University of Florida student took a chance when he entered the 2016 APHA Member Model Search and was thrilled to be named a grand-prize winner—he encourages everyone to embrace their style and try something new.

Meet Sonya

Barrel racer Sonya Vaughan knows the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, and she uses fashion as an extension of her personality. Dressed up or dressed down, this APHA member from Tyler, Texas, is ready to rock the look and be the life of the rodeo.

Meet Suzonne

Chic and stylish, Suzonne Franks isn’t afraid to showcase trendy looks, whether she’s out at the barn, competing with her Paints, meeting Three Nails’ guests or running her boutique, The Spotted Zebra. A longtime APHA member, Suzonne owns Three Nails Ranch—a dual-purpose operation in Cisco, Texas, focused on breeding and promoting world champion horses as well as trophy deer and exotics—with her husband, Billy.

Meet Carl

Carl Sims, an APHA member from Dickinson, Texas, requires fashion that keeps up with his busy life. In between college classes, Carl multi-tasks to run his budding photography business, apprentice with well-known trainers and prep his own Paints for shows.


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