Show Forms & Informational Material

Quick links to frequently used forms:

2016 Top Twenty Shows

Paint Horse Championship Criteria – Final 2017
Challenged Horsemen Program (CHAMPS)
Show Approval FormInstructions – (Now Only One Page)

Approved Class Codes
Futurity Form
Show Approval Correction Form
Show Entry Form (For Show Secretaries)
ONLINE Judge Evaluation Form

Temporary Amateur Application Summary Sheet 
Procedures for Temporary Amateur Applications
Temporary Youth Application Summary Sheet 
Procedures for Temporary Youth Applications
Horse Show Roster Instructions

Show Manager
Temporary Membership Application
Judge Card
2017 Novice Amateur/ Walk-Trot Temporary Card Application
2017 Online Amateur/Novice Amateur/ Walk-Trot Card Application
2017 Novice Youth Application
Scribe Notice
Show Secretary Requirements
Submitting Show Results
Show Managers and Secretaries Requirements
Ring Steward
Drugs and Medications
Horse Show Office Checklist
Horse Show Entry Office Reminders
Horse Show Materials Request Form
List of APHA Restricted Halter Judges
Judge’s Contract



Show Management Database for Membership/Enrollment Verification

**If you need more Temporary Novice/Amateur, Novice/Youth, Membership Applications or Temporary Exhibitor Declaration Forms, please contact Angie Willis, Show Approval Manager at 817-834-2742, extension 341 or e-mail awillis@apha.com.

**If you need more Medication Reports, please call.

Forms you may want to have available for exhibitors at your show:

Broodmare eligibility
Judge Evaluation Form


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