Sponsoring an APHA approved show

Any individual or organization may host a single or two judged show or Specialty Event. Only regional clubs may host multi-judged shows, Paint-O-Ramas, and Zone-O-Ramas.

Steps to gaining APHA approval for your show:

  1. Verify available show dates by e-mailing the Show Approval Manager or calling 817-834-2742, ext. 341.
  2. Fill out the Show Application & Instructions, and complete the class list after studying the Show Management Notebook.
  3. Choose your judge(s) from the Approved Judges list. Judges cannot judge within 200 miles within 30 days, nor can judges officiate 2 consecutive times at the same show or set of shows.View a sample Judging contract 
  4. Hire a Show Secretary.
  5. Prepare a show bill or premium list to be submitted with your application. View Minimum requirements.
     For a reference view Sample Show Bill 1  or Sample Show Bill 2 .
    Other classes may be selected from the Approved Classes/Codes list.
  6. If your show is offering futurities, you may want to complete the Futurity Form.
  7. Submit your application with applicable fees to:

    APHA, attn: Angie Willis
    PO Box 961023
    Fort Worth, TX 76161


Fee Schedule: Per show/judge
Application SubmittedMembersNon-Members
90 days or more before show date



60-89 days



30-59 days



*Includes Late Fee

  1. To avoid late fees, submit you application at least 90 days prior to your desired show date.
  2. Once your show has been approved, the secretary will be notified and sent additional information needed to host the show. If you need to make show corrections, please fill out the Show Approval Correction Form.
  3. Planning for the future: If you plan on hosting your show again next year, please be aware that dates are assigned based on week numbers, as they fall in the calendar. Week 1 includes the first Sunday in January. Click on the Three Year Calendar to view show week numbers for the next several years. For example: In 2011, July 2 and 3 fall into week #27. In 2012, June 30 – July 1 will be week #27. The calendar will shift a week in 2013.

If you would like to host a special event (Working Ranch Horse Competition, Team Roping, Reining etc) please follow steps 1-7 after reading these requirements for Special Events.

If you will be hosting a Zone Show, please read this additional info.

Quick Links
Show Application
Show Approval Manager
Judges List
Judging contract
Minimum requirements 
Sample Show Bill 1  or  Sample Show Bill 2
Approved Classes/Codes
Futurity Form
Show Approval Correction Form
Three Year Calendar
Special Events


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