Approved USA PAC Events Calendar

A guide to Paint Alternative Competition events around the country for 2017

The APHA may recognize and award credits in any approved event or class that is put on by a recognized association, organization or affiliate, has a representative who agrees to keep records, and will sign a verification form. (EXCEPTION: Credits from other breed registries or breed associations that award national points will not count.) All clubs/organizations must agree to keep record of all exhibitor placings for at least one year from the event date. The APHA reserves the right to request copies of official results during any time in the calendar year. NOTE: The APHA will have final approval of all association and/or events.

2017 Dates

Blue Ribbon Horse Shows
Sec.:Lisa Hamm , Phoenix, (602)992-2145
October 15, November 12, December 10

Carousel Horse Farm Open Show
Sec.:Lisa LeDoux , Oneco, (860)564-7892
October 1 15 29

Featherstone Equistar Horse Show Association
Sec.: , Sarasota,
October 15, November 12, December 10

GeorgiaGeorgia Mountain Association
Sec.:Lorrie Bass , Crawford, (706)247-9641
October 21

Kel-Mac Saddle Clue
Sec.:Susie Cottongim , Madison, (706)342-3775
October 14

Reynolds Memorial Charity Horse Show
Sec.:Heather Nichols , Albany,
October 7

The Autumn Classic
Sec.:Melinda Rich , Perry,
November 18-19

Saddle Series Open Jackpot & ABRA Show
Sec.:Patty Maxwell , Cedar Rapids, (563)506-4290
November 18-19

Sunrise Pleasure Horse Show Series
Sec.:Kelli Wainscott , Mount Holyoke, (413)695-8343
October 22

Tricks N Treats Fun Day & Gymkhana
Sec.:Kelli Wainscott , Blandford, (413)695-8343
October 8

Golden Circle Horse Show Circuit
Sec.:Janice Klenke , Sedalia, (660)473-1140
October 7

Kaysinger Horse Show Circuit
Sec.:Barb Myers , Pleasant Hill, (660)624-3026
October 7

New Jersey
Changewater Stables
Sec.: , Stewartsville, (908)619-4267
October 8, November 5, December 3

Nevada State Horsemans Assoc Region V
Sec.:Tina Malcolm , Las Vegas, (702)496-4602
October 14-15, November 11-12

OAHC Open All Breed Fun Show
Sec.:Kathy Barnes , El Reno, (580)467-1343
October 14

Fall Frenzie All Breed Horse Show
Sec.:Jenissa Currey , Albany, (541)409-7706
October 1

Mountain Valley Riders Saddle Club Fun Show
Sec.:Tayna Davis , Waynesboro, (717)762-7861
October 1

Twin Brooks Horse Shows
Sec.:TBHSA , Harrisburg,
October 15

Chisholm Trail Stampede Open Horse Show
Sec.:Guyann Gaines , Alvarado, (817)988-0019
October 7, November 4


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