This is a special advertising section in each issue and one of the first sections read. Arranged by category, it offers readers an easy way to find your product or service. This section is economically priced, so restrictions apply to layout and design. Submit your ad to Jackie McGinnis to get it in the Journal right away!

Horses For Sale and Stallion Alley
Our Horses For Sale and Stallion Alley sections offer Paint Horse, Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred owners and trainers ways to advertise horses for sale and/or stallion services. These sections are designed for maximum readability and are similar in format. Prices are discounted with multi-issue contracts.

Access Horses For Sale form HERE
Access Stallion Alley form HERE

Horses For Sale
1 Issue 3 Issues 6 Issues 12 Issues
1/6 Page $200 $175 $150 $100
Stallion Alley
1 Issue 3 Issues 6 Issues 12 Issues
1/8 Page $200 $175 $150 $100
Horses For Sale SampleStallion Alley Sample Ad
  • A word-count limitation applies
  • All type appears in black
  • Typeface at publisher’s discretion
  • One horse/one color photo per ad
  • Ad proofs are not provided
  • Ads may be edited for clarity, accuracy or to meet word-count limits
  • Marketplace ads run on at no additional charge during the month(s) of publication.

Classified Ads
You've got it. They want it. We'll sell it. Paint Horse Journal Classified Ads are a great bargain.

Full-Color Business Card ads
• No stallion service or horse for sale ads
• No agency or club discounts apply
• These rates apply to APHA members and
commercial advertisers

1 Issue 3 Issues 6 Issues 12 Issues
1/12 Page $105 $100 $95 $90
1 Inch $90 $85 $80 $65

Text-Only Ads
Ad cost is $1 per word, per issue, with a 10-word minimum ($10). The advertiser's state will be added at the end of each ad at no charge
• All ads must be pre-paid
• No blind ads or agency discounts
• No capital letters, boldface type or
centered headings
• Phone numbers, email addresses and
Websites count as one word each
• Abbreviations are not necessary, as they
count as one word
• Ads cannot be accepted over the phone
• Ads can be submitted online. You can also submit your ad via fax to (817) 222-8466 or by email to