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May 2011 • Volume 45, Number 5
J Zone
32 Take 5
Spend five minutes with Clint Cumpton.
By Abigail Wilder Boatwright
34 Optical Illusions
Young judges are advised to take some extra time for their equine evaluations to see through tricky Paint Horse patterns.
By Jessica Hein
Paints and Paint People
44 Ignite the Fire
Revitalize your regional club’s participation with proven tactics from the Rainier and Saskatchewan Paint Horse clubs.
By Abigail Wilder Boatwright
48 An Ounce of Prevention
Make sound breeding decisions by testing for inheritable genetic diseases—we’ll outline the available tests and laboratories in this article, the second in a two-part series.
By Irene Stamatelakys
On The Circuit
52 Southern Hospitality
The Zone 6 Deep South Zone-O-Rama combined a welcoming atmosphere with top competition, making it a meeting ground for newcomers and veteran exhibitors alike.
By Tonya Ratliff-Garrison
Trainer's Corner
58 Off-Road Riding
Learn how trail riding in the great wide open can help develop your horse’s confidence, balance, handling and more.
By Twister Heller with Charlene Strickland
In Every Issue
2 Editor's Note
12 From Our Readers
16 Vet’s Bag
A debilitating genetic disease linked to several stock horse lines, HERDA can be eliminated through careful breeding choices.
20 Legal Bits
Help your regional club avoid legal problems through careful pre-planning of its next equine event.
22 Paint Portfolio
24 Member Profile
From Washington to Florida, Jackie Garton criss-crosses the country to compete with her Paints in APHA and PAC events.
26 Recollections
As a bootlegger’s mount and an APHA broodmare, War Bonnet Belle’s true-life story seems straight out of Hollywood.
28 Leading Sires Lists
40 Great Rides
Join the South Dakota Paint Horse Club for its annual Black Hills trail ride.
126 Coming Up
128 Photo Finish
Your Association
56 2011 APHA Workshop
64 AjPHA Youth World Show Update
78 Coming Attractions
102 Honor Rolls
112 APHA Quarterly Membership Figures
112 Disciplinary Actions
124 APHA Directory
114 Horses for Sale
116 Stallion Alley
120 Classifieds
125 Advertising Indexes