How to Apply for Youth WS Scholarship Funds

Write a thank you note.

There will be several tables at the World Show with postcards where scholarship recipients can write a “thank you” note to the generous folks who made the scholarship funds possible. They will all be addressed to the APHF office and they can be turned in to the media office or the Member Care booth and we will make sure that they get send out to the appropriate folks, especially those that sponsored all the halter classes and specific performance classes. It really means a lot to them.

Make sure your paperwork for each World Show is in.

One of the scholarship requirements is that each competitor must fill out paperwork after each World Show, confirming their placings and scholarship amounts. Then each is confirmed against APHA’s official records. The scholarship funds are sent directly to the accredited institution and are only used for tuition, books, meal tickets and/or lab fees. All unused funds are returned to the APHF at the end of the academic year. You don’t lose them, you just need to reapply for the balance.

If you have a substantial college fund with the APHF, you might want to request only what you need for each academic year. WS scholarship funds can also be used for dual-credit college classes while you are still in high school.

Apply for your scholarship funds.

This should be done at least a month before your college semester starts to give us time to get it processed and the check sent to the institution. You can send in an email request to Laura Jesberg, APHF Staff Director. You must include the following:

  • Your name
  • Proof that you are enrolled in an accredited institution
  • Student ID number
  • Address to the Bursar’s office or the Financial Aid Office at your institution
  • Day classes start

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laura Jesberg via email or direct phone 817 222-6412.


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